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  1. iBird Pro HD -- upgrade?

    I just registered at iBird.com and now see the answer to my question, though I'm still unsure about the new HD version that will be released in the next month. Sorta confused on that. Also, my HD PRO app stopped working on the iPad. It starts, runs the title page for 1 second, then shuts down. Hopefully I will end up with a different version of iBird and just forget about the problems with the HD version.
  2. I've used iBird PRO HD on my iPad(s) for many years now, but I see that it is now discontinued and am getting warnings that it will be incompatible with iOS 11. I love the app but am wondering what will happen when the new apple OS comes out. I also see that a new HD version will be released in the next month, which would be Aug or Sep 2017, if the web page is up-to-date (no date given). If so, great! I hope so, but please let me know if I'm barking up the wrong tree. Thanks.