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  1. Sparrow - Savannah, Song or ???

    The yellow patch in front of the eye, the pinkish bill and crisp chest markings all point to Savannah.
  2. TERNS!!!

    I'm trying to learn the terns having just moved to the coast. The Forster's I'm seeing a bit north of where you took these pictures are definitely showing eye patches at this point. Edit - Just noticed you took these pictures 2 weeks ago.
  3. Peeps in VT

    A pectoral is going to have coloration going further down its chest than these birds. And that coloration will abruptly stop with a clean border to a white belly.
  4. trying to figure out what I saw in NC

    My guess would be Pine Warbler.
  5. Warbler species?

    Yellow warbler I believe. Prothonotaries have white undertail coverts.
  6. Flycatcher?

    I was thinking Kingbird at first but wings look too long and tail is not right for a kingbird. I''m thinking female Tree Swallow
  7. Stilt Sandpiper?

  8. Stilt Sandpiper?

    I believe this is a Stilt Sandpiper. Would appreciate confirmation though. Taken this week at the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center on North Carolina's Outer Banks.