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  1. Which Diving Duck species

    Yes, thank you! In another pic its tail is upright, another sign.
  2. Need help with ID of this diving duck species, please. Canvasback? Redhead? Something else? Thanks! https://500px.com/photo/237879661/gadwall-by-michael?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=20401877
  3. ID help- Peewee?

    Hi all. Please help with bird ID. Taken 9/8/2017, USA, SE Pennsylvania. Behavior: Treetop at a place called The Willows, just above a small pond. Bird flying out catching insects and returning to perch. There were 2 of them- 1 might have been feeding the other. I'm thinking Eastern Wood-Peewee, but I imagine at a place called "The Willows" it could be a Willow Flycatcher? Thanks! Here is the link to the pic - https://500px.com/photo/228013481/pic-1-by-michael?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=20401877
  4. Hi all. New to identifying butterflies, and I'm thinking this is a Zabulon Skipper? Taken today, 8/28, southeastern Pennsylvania. Here's the link - https://500px.com/photo/225942325/butterfly-by-michael Thanks!
  5. Hi all. I'm new here and am having trouble uploading photos when asking for ID assistance. I'm trying to resize my original pics but am still getting a message about going over the limit of photo size. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  6. Hawk ID

    Yes, it had a successful strike at my bird feeders, and stayed on that wire for a few hours, even with people coming and going at the house. Thank you.
  7. Taken 8/25/2012, Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA, front suburban lawn.
  8. Hawk ID

    Taken 12/10/2016, Southeastern Pennsylvania, backyard. Cooper's Hawk?
  9. What moth?

    Hello. I have no experience in moth ID but was able to get a decent shot of this one. Please help with ID. Thanks!
  10. I believe this is an Eastern Wood-PeeWee and wanted to confirm. Photo taken in SouthEastern Pennsylvania at a baseball field near woods; bird would perch on fence or utility wire, then fly out in a feeding fashion, and return to perch. There were 3 birds. Thank you.