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  1. ID help- Peewee?

    Hi all. Please help with bird ID. Taken 9/8/2017, USA, SE Pennsylvania. Behavior: Treetop at a place called The Willows, just above a small pond. Bird flying out catching insects and returning to perch. There were 2 of them- 1 might have been feeding the other. I'm thinking Eastern Wood-Peewee, but I imagine at a place called "The Willows" it could be a Willow Flycatcher? Thanks! Here is the link to the pic - https://500px.com/photo/228013481/pic-1-by-michael?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=20401877
  2. Hi all. New to identifying butterflies, and I'm thinking this is a Zabulon Skipper? Taken today, 8/28, southeastern Pennsylvania. Here's the link - https://500px.com/photo/225942325/butterfly-by-michael Thanks!
  3. Hi all. I'm new here and am having trouble uploading photos when asking for ID assistance. I'm trying to resize my original pics but am still getting a message about going over the limit of photo size. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  4. Hawk ID

    Yes, it had a successful strike at my bird feeders, and stayed on that wire for a few hours, even with people coming and going at the house. Thank you.
  5. Taken 8/25/2012, Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA, front suburban lawn.
  6. Hawk ID

    Taken 12/10/2016, Southeastern Pennsylvania, backyard. Cooper's Hawk?
  7. What moth?

    Hello. I have no experience in moth ID but was able to get a decent shot of this one. Please help with ID. Thanks!
  8. I believe this is an Eastern Wood-PeeWee and wanted to confirm. Photo taken in SouthEastern Pennsylvania at a baseball field near woods; bird would perch on fence or utility wire, then fly out in a feeding fashion, and return to perch. There were 3 birds. Thank you.