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  1. waterfowl id

    I see a merganser species and something else.
  2. what is this very large black bird?

    Common Raven
  3. Looks like a hawk, but is it?

    This is indeed a Red-tailed Hawk.
  4. waterfowl id

    That's a hybrid, right?
  5. Hey I saw a dodo get eaten by a chupacabra yesterday. Too bad the sasquatch came in and took the chupacabra before I could get a pic.
  6. Red Tailed?

  7. What type of bird is this ?

    Location? And what is it in???????
  8. A Bunch of Waterfowl

    No, I'm talking about third/fifth pic on the far right. Did I misunderstand?
  9. A Bunch of Waterfowl

    I'm tied on that one between Redhead and Greater/Lesser Scaup.
  10. A Bunch of Waterfowl

    Oh, okay. Thanks all. Off to update an eBird checklist with some new lifers!
  11. NM bird? New 2 Birding

    That's what I meant to agree on. Sorry.
  12. New bird to feeder in Illinois

    I agree with all, plus I also see very triangular wings. Starlings, not doubt.
  13. confirm Iceland Gull

    I say it looks good for an Iceland Gull, but wait for better birders to respond.