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  1. Juvenile sapsucker confirmation

    Looks good to me...check the barred center tail and white spot on wings...not enough red on head for res breasted sap sucker
  2. Warbler help

    Was it a yellow rumped warbler??? They seem to be invading the world these days...
  3. Common Yellow Throat - 10/13/17, Ramona (San Diego) Grasslands Reserve
  4. Lesser Yellowlegs????

    Thanks for trying! It's a lifer either way!!!! But my friend @creeker needs the lesser!
  5. The back has a large dark black patch at the shoulders...it's just a dark picture due to sun angle...
  6. I know I am probably wrong. But I have Cali Scrub in my yard and I have never seen cheeks this black and such a uniformly gray underparts....taken today at Ramona grassland Reserve, 10-13-17.
  7. Cassin Kingbird?

    Ramona (SanDiego) Grasslands Reserve today 10-13-17. I hate kingbirds...well all birds....but kingbirds too...Cassins? There was a pair of them traveling together chasing off sparrows and catching bugs.
  8. Lesser Yellowlegs????

    Dang it! did @creeker tell you to say that!!!!
  9. Went to Ramona (San Diego) Grassland Reserve this morning (10/13/17) and happened upon this loud bird hanging out with three Killdeers. This bird was bouncing it's body up and down as was it's tail....It was the same size as the killdeer if not smaller. The photos were taken from less than twenty feet with a 600mm lens. I don't see any upcurve in the bill and due to size I believe lesser....
  10. I had no idea they were so beautiful! I had always seen them from behind perched on a tree...from the front they are amazingly beautiful!
  11. Yard Bird #49, La Mesa (San Diego), Ca 0830 hrs 10/12/17 (Cropped to remove excess...photo at about 100 yards away)
  12. Nashville Warbler?

    I'm not an expert...but I think you would need to see the throat to get a positive confirmation since the mourning and Macgillivrays are similar lack yellow throat...but maybe the eye ring is enough???
  13. Please ID these 2 birds

    You just got to put the camera on "auto" and point the center square due-dad at the thingamagigy and press the snaparoo! And then badd-bing-badd-boom!
  14. Please ID these 2 birds

    I thought Verdin and Chipping on my first look also...but next time could you get a better picture?!?!?
  15. Reporting ducks at public parks

    Nice! My last and final (5th) trip to Hawaii (June 2017)was actually the first time I started "birding" and it was with my iphone...I wasn't to serious then...but added like 15 or so lifers...including those you mentioned plus a wedge tailed shear water, white tailed tropic bird, and white rumped shamua to name a few!!!