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  1. Leucistic Canada goose?

    Looks like a Canada to me...
  2. Mallard (Mexican Integrate)

    It’s a mallard.. not sure about the “Mexican Integrate” business....
  3. Big Bear, Ca, Dec 17'...set 2

    Nice! I nailed them all! What a blessing, four lifers (plus a fifth not mentioned -Ferruginous Hawk) is not bad for a few hours away from the fam!!! Thanks for everyone’s help!
  4. Got a good shot a the elusive White headed woodpecker! Merry CHRISTmas!!!!
  5. here are a few difficult ones....all would be lifers for me. I got a good look at this guy. I heard a slow methodical pecking with a pause between each strike. Followed it to a tree and out flew this guy. He landed on a tree branch eye level and less than five feet from me. He started barking at me with a high pitched call, then flew away and started back to work. As he flew I could hear a rattle from the wings. It was as big if not bigger than a house finch but smaller than a stellar jay. Is it a Hairy Woodpecker??? This is a second woodpecker. Just got a quick look. Also curious if it is a Hairy/Downy? This is a first for me, I'm thinking a Cassin's Finch? I know it's close to a purple so not sure which, but due to lack of streaking I'm thinking Cassins. Would not be a lifer. Just a confirmation for ebird...Ruby Crowned Kniglet?? Final shot at a lifer for this post...this a red breasted nuthatch??? I'm almost 100% on this one, but you never know!
  6. Good morning..is this a Northern Harrier??? Thanks for the help!!!
  7. Heading up to Big Bear Lake, Sunday Dec 3rd (2017) until Wednesday Dec 6th. Sorry for the late notice, but I’ve been checking ebird and I see little to no bird reports up there. Looks like all birding stops in June! Is anyone familiar with the area? Any spots worth checking out? Or should I just sit by the fire and drink coco?!?!? Maybe some owls? I only have a Barn owl on my list, but could use some photos...heading up from San Diego. Thanks for the help!!!
  8. Not the best picture, through glass and a fence...but just funny to me! Most birds I've ever seen in a bath at one time!! Title: Got Water????
  9. Hummingbird ID

    I use a 150 - 600 Sigma lens also...sometimes I consider using a 2.0x converter. My camera is a crop sensor, so it’s the equivalent of 900+ mm. My camera came with a 70-300mm lens, pretty useless...
  10. Hummingbird ID

    “347 mm. F/6.3 time-1/1000 iso/1600”
  11. I went to Sea World (San Diego, Ca) today (11-13-2017) with my son. Saw this bird. It's most likely an exhibit bird, but it was in the flamingo exhibit and was not listed as suppose to be there. There were also Wild Northern Pintails, Great Blue Herons, and Snowy Egrets. I'm thinking Common Crane, but none of the pictures I could locate showed the large tuffted main that travels from the brow to the base of the neck. Thanks for the help!!!! The next bird is from a from nearby Seaworld in the bay. It was taken a few weeks ago. There were multiple together. Is this a Clark's or Western? It looks like it has a little less black on the face.
  12. Type of Bird?

    I agree.
  13. Greater White-fronted Geese?

    I’m pretty sure the white fronted are much smaller than the canada...looks bigger in your picture? Maybe greylag?