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  1. Today I had at least three lifers...but these two took up the spot for top photo. I couldn’t decide which is best? Comment and let me know!!!! Both photos are un-edited and un-cropped!
  2. Three Photos

    Taken today in San Diego. 02/17/2018. I see at least two Brant’s Cormorants. Just not sure about the other ones. Most likely just double-crested, but not use to seeing brown cormorants with the white under chin. I believed this is an Eared Grebe...but the plumage is messing me up... This last one...not sure? Is it just a very dark rock pigeon???
  3. My wife and I went to a Church couples banquet and the theme of our group was things that go together! Guess what we went as?!?!? #sheismybirdoftheday #bestbirdever #awesomecatch
  4. New Yard Bird!!! Taken today (02/05/18) in La Mesa (San Diego), Ca.
  5. Blue-and-gold tanager? (Panama City)

    You sure it’s not an oriole.
  6. Dark-eyed Juncos?

  7. Yellow rumped wabler? Did you see anything in person. The photo has pretty harsh lighting. Can you recall specifics? Or did you only have time for the shot?
  8. Gnatcatchers

    The OP said these are most likely not the same bird. If that were true he could have both here, but I do think #2 is a black tailed or California....
  9. Caracara?

    Bill is not the right shape or color for a caracara...Great Blue is a possible...let the others weigh in though...
  10. Black Backed Woodpecker?

    I’ve had to do the same. Usually out hiking where I have phone service, but no computer with card reader to transfer the photos to...just a guess.
  11. What kind of juvy gull?

    Wouldn’t Glaucous and olympic have more black on the bill.
  12. What kind of juvy gull?

    Looks like a California Gull to me
  13. Frustrating Experiences with Non-birders!

    Wow, that jogger was so kind! On January 15, I went looking for two specific rarities here on Fiesta Island, San Diego. I tromped around in several areas looking for Short-eared Owls. After tirelessly searching and coming up neal, I tried to text and call my friend who had seen them on January 1st! He did not repond and only laughed at my misfortune :’(
  14. Longspur?

    Maybe I’m birding in the wrong areas?!?!? Your bird is sticking out, litterally! Everytime I go birding, I have to search through 150 horned larks, 75 meadowlarks, 300 sparrows, and 200 American Pipits just to “try” and locate a lapland... #ihatemylife
  15. Wren

    Did anyone suggest House Wren?