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  1. Sorry, my bad. I found that the volume on the TV had been set to mute. Casting of sound does work.
  2. I tried using Airplay to cast an iBird slideshow from my iPad Mini to my Apple TV 4. Sound was turned on and working. When I went to the interface to cast to the Apple TV, sound no longer occurred. No sound came from the TV and no sound came from the iPad. When I disconnected Airplay, sound resumed. My iPad is an Apple Mini 2. The Apple TV is version 4. iBird Ultimate is version 10.04, Build 168. iOS version 10.3.3 I was hoping to learn bird sounds by having the slideshow scroll through the images and play the sound. That works on my iPad directly, but it would be nice to have it going on my TV in the background and slowly work its way into my brain. thanks, Perry