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  1. Pretty sure this is a Pileated Woodpecker but I'd like confirmation. There were two of them following each other from one tree to the next. Take Sept 2017 SW Virginia
  2. Carrico

    What Bird

    There are lots of these around my place. Sept 2017 SW Virginia
  3. Carrico

    What is it?

    Thank you very much!
  4. Carrico

    What is it?

    9/8/17 SW VA I see a lot of these around but I have no idea what they are. Black head and back, white belly. Help if you can.
  5. Just not sure what he is. Photo taken 9/8/17 SW VA Appreciate any help.
  6. Carrico

    Downy Woodpecker?

    Not sure so I'm asking for opinions... Is this a Downy Woodpecker? SE TX Winter
  7. Carrico

    What Hummingbird

    Thank you very much!!
  8. Carrico


    Thank you both!
  9. Carrico

    What Hummingbird

    The chin is a brownish color. Still a Ruby-throated?
  10. Carrico


    I think it's a Woodpecker but really don't know. Please help identify. Photo taken 9/1/17 SW VA
  11. Carrico

    What Hummingbird

    I know this is a hummingbird but I can't figure out which one. Photo taken in SW VA on 09/04/2017 I'm not sure but it seems to be here a little late in the season. I figured it should have headed south already and this is the only one I see around.