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  1. I found these pics of what I think are mostly gulls taken in Aug. 2014. Any id help would be appreciated.
  2. I just came across these taken at sunrise Aug. 2014 in S. Carolina. Is this a female common yellowthroat?
  3. female long-tailed duck?

    Yay! That's a lifer for me.....and it was such a distance away I thought it was probably a gull and almost didn't take a photo.
  4. female long-tailed duck?

    Can anyone confirm this is a female long-tailed duck? Taken today on the Detroit River, Windsor, Ontario
  5. perfect. Thanks so much. These guys were lifers for me. 2018 is off to a great start!
  6. female mallard? Detroit River, Windsor Jan.16/18

    Thanks psweet. I figured that was probably the case....she's pretty anyway
  7. Is the light brown duck simply a mallard mix?
  8. thanks so much! the kinglets have definitely arrived....makes sense to me
  9. I know the quality is terrible and understand if an id can't be made....Merlin suggested yellow-bellied flycatcher and another birder saw one at this park last week. Any thoughts?
  10. thanks so much for all the help!
  11. no biggie. thanks anyway. It was still a great day to get outside for a walk
  12. id help please. windsor, ontario sept 26

    huh. Merlin suggested that as a possiblity, but all the pics showed some yellow. Who knew?