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  1. thanks so much! the kinglets have definitely arrived....makes sense to me
  2. I know the quality is terrible and understand if an id can't be made....Merlin suggested yellow-bellied flycatcher and another birder saw one at this park last week. Any thoughts?
  3. Kathy Taylor id requests

  4. thanks so much for all the help!
  5. no biggie. thanks anyway. It was still a great day to get outside for a walk
  6. id help please. windsor, ontario sept 26

    huh. Merlin suggested that as a possiblity, but all the pics showed some yellow. Who knew?
  7. Unfortunately this was the only shot I got. He/she was hanging around with some chickadees and bay-breasted warblers.....this one was a definite flash of bright yellow. I thought it would be a yellow warbler, but I don't see any streaking (Merlin suggested Wilson's)
  8. All three shots are the same bird(s). Lighting was poor and they were flitting around like crazy. Lots of warblers moving through the area.
  9. Windsor, Ontario Sept. 25/17

    Thanks so much....and hello, neighbour
  10. Last one for today. Also seen with a couple black-throated green warblers and some black-capped chickadees. Perhaps a vireo?
  11. Yellow warbler? Windsor, Ontario Sept.25/17

    I almost feel like I see a bit of blush colour on the cheek....could be
  12. Yellow warbler? Windsor, Ontario Sept.25/17

    unfortunately not. I thought I had a shot of the back, but there was a gold finch in the tree that I got instead.
  13. Id help please. Windsor, Ontario Sept.25

    thanks. that makes sense....I saw one with a very black throat in the same area this morning.
  14. I'm thinking a warbler, but I've been wrong many times before.