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  1. mystery flycatchers sept.15 Windsor,Ontario

    Thanks GreenJay94. Pewees are common in this wooded area. I appreciate the help.
  2. ideas please. Sept.15 Windsor,Ontario

    We'll just stick with mystery bird on this one
  3. I'm assuming this is some type of warbler since they seem to be moving through the area, but I'm truly not sure at all. Any ideas? Windsor, Ontario
  4. I saw these "flycatchers" in the same area that I saw the Acadian/yellow-bellied a couple days ago.....perhaps these are the same bird or new ones. Windsor, Ontario Sept. 15
  5. This guy was hanging around with a group of chickadees. Is this a black-throated green warbler?
  6. Kathy Taylor id requests

  7. thanks so much for the assistance! I will definitely listen for calls as much as possible. This guy didn't make a peep, but he did pose nicely for me.
  8. I'm sorry. Windsor, Ontario is the location. Take this morning.
  9. Taken Sept.13/17 Windsor, Ontario
  10. I finally figured out how to add them to an album on this site. Hopefully they are showing now. Either would be a lifer for me.
  11. I'm not sure the images are even showing. Fingers crossed.
  12. Tennessee warbler?

    thanks so much. I had one more photo that I believe shows a white undertail. Not a lifer, but mystery solved
  13. Tennessee warbler?

    I saw this bird Sept. 8/17 in Windsor, Ontario. The closest I can come to id is Tennessee warbler, but I'm not 100% sure.