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  1. Herring gull?

  2. Just a guess.....Don't listen to me I am homeschooled. I thought ruddy had more red on them. EDIT: K, NM. They are Common.
  3. Summer Tanager. Painted Buntings wouldn't have such a thick bill....I think.
  4. Clay-Colored and nice photo!
  5. Ross's Goose?

    looks hybrid-y to me.
  6. Mute Swans in OKC???

    WHY? Here we shoot them if they get bad........(Pointe Mouillee SGA)
  7. Clueless about this little fellow

    I have been here long enough that I should know what this means......but I don't.
  8. Hawk ID please

    Now I can't stop looking at the head! thanks!
  9. Hawk ID please

    No photo and double post.
  10. shorebirds

    IKR? landed dowitchers are hard enough!
  11. Bird Call ID?

    Fox Sparrow.