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  1. need help with large PA bird ID

    I would agree with Great-Blue Heron. Welcome to the team!
  2. warbling vireo?

    I think so..
  3. Birds and a cat

    Very cool! I have always wanted to see Mtn. Lion in the wild, but either I be in a car or the cat be a ways away......
  4. warbling vireo?

    Looks like a Philadelphia Vireo to me.
  5. For me it says Northern Shrike in my yard.......gotta love MI!
  6. Waterthrush - Louisiana or Northern?

    WOW!! Nice shots!
  7. What bird in the woods?

    My first impression was Pine Warbler.
  8. Bird following an Eagle

    My first thought was Cooper's Hawk.
  9. Red-naped/Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

    I am leaning towards Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker.
  10. Shrike in Mexico?

    I concur!
  11. Bay Breasted Warbler ? - Western Mass

    Best rule in birding, especially with warblers.....
  12. Bay Breasted Warbler ? - Western Mass

    Yes, indeed! Congrats on the lifer!
  13. 2 dead birds?

    Agreed with Virginia Rail and Sora. Super sad!
  14. Warbler in TN

    Poor thing! Wonder how he/she hurt them self....