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  1. Word Association Game!

  2. Gull ID

    Gack!! I hate gulls!! Especially when they are in confusing plumages. *shudders*
  3. Mystery Hawk 2

    I almost wonder if this is un-id-able from the angle.
  4. Alphabet Bird Game!

    Ultramarine Grosbeak
  5. I went to... And saw

    I went to Deleware and saw a Dark-eyed Junco
  6. Alphabet Bird Game!

    Course, you get the easy ones! Tonwsend's Solitare!
  7. Alphabet Bird Game!

    Just a sec..............Queen Victoria Riflebird
  8. I went to... And saw

    Oh yeah and here too! @Sean C. @Melierax@Nighthawk01 And no, I'm not needy.
  9. Alphabet Bird Game!

    And here too, @Sean C. @Nighthawk01 @The Bird Nuts
  10. Word Association Game!

    @Sean C. @The Bird Nuts @HamRHead @Nighthawk01 come play with me for 20 minutes or so!
  11. Mystery Hawk 1

    Welcome to Whatbird!! Yes, Looks like a Red-Shouldered Hawk!
  12. Cooper's Hawk?

    Nope, Red-Tailed Hawk. Like the one in your profile photo.
  13. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    At least you don't have two sets of twin that a really hard to keep straight.
  14. Landscape and Scenery photographs!

    Sunset 1-16-18 by MerMaeve, on Flickr
  15. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Also, @egosnell2002 you might want to change your signature. it says you year list is 263 and I really highly doubt that it is accurate for 2018. If it is for 2018 then wow, you have my congrats!
  16. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    You are one lucky boy!
  17. Yuck, didn't look like a nice day to be out, @Kathytaylor!
  18. Wren

    House Wren
  19. Confirm House Finch

    Wow, very nice comparison!
  20. Longspur?

    Yes sir!
  21. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I also have a large huge family tree just on my mom's side., consisting of 40+ cousins, and my Mom is 1 of 9 kids. And then my Aunt Mary has 9 kids (Boy,Girl,Girl,Boy,Girl,Boy,Boy,Boy,Girl), Uncle Tom has 8 kids (Boy,Girl,Girl,Girl,Girl,Girl,Girl,Boy), Aunt Kelly has 7 kids (Boy,Girl,Boy,Boy,Girl,Boy,Boy), so on and so forth. (they are the largest families. and the we have 6 kids (Boy,Girl,Girl,Boy,Boy,Girl)