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  1. Great! That concludes my USA trip IDs, would be hard to identify all the birds without you, thanks all! Hopefully I'll visit USA again with a less packed itinerary and spend a day at a top birding location, I see there are many...
  2. Any gull experts to confirm?
  3. Ok, and my final ID topic ... camera-friendly gulls from Bear Lake and Antelope Island, Utah. I selected most representative photos and grouped them by my guesses, but I'm no gull export even for our local ones. BIRD #1 - Ring-billed Gull at various "ages"? Location: Beat Lake, UT BIRD #2 - ok, not a gull Is it Long-billed Curlew? Or a Whimbrel - doubtful because of location Location: Antelope Island / Great Salt Lake, UT BIRD #3 - California Gull? Location: Antelope Island / Great Salt Lake, UT BIRD #4 - Franklin’s Gull? Location: Antelope Island / Great Salt Lake, UT BIRD #5 - umm 3rd Summer California? Location: Antelope Island / Great Salt Lake, UT Thanks, Peter
  4. Ok, almost done with this - only Colorado + gulls left... BIRD #1 - is this a Great-tailed Grackle? Location: Grand Junction, CO BIRD #2 -- Red-tailed Hawk? Location: Glenwood Springs, CO BIRD #3 - what kind of sparrow? looks like the one we have in Europe, Passer domesticus Location: Glenwood Springs, CO BIRD #4 - again Red-tailed Hawk??? Location: Great Sand Dunes NP, CO BIRD #5 - Rock Pigeons? Location: Colorado Springs, CO Thanks! Peter
  5. Slowly running out of images to ID... a few from Moab, then on to Colorado. BIRD #1 - American Crow? Location: Moab BIRD #2 - Mourning Dove? Location: Moab BIRD #3 - Common Raven? Location: Arches NP Thanks, Peter
  6. Now some birds to identify from Mesa Verde National Park - seems like a great location for birding! BIRD #1 - female Western Bluebird? BIRD #2 - I heard a park ranger say these are vultures, but which kind? White pattern on wings visible in flight looks like Turkey Vulture, but no red head, so maybe juvenile Turkey Vultures?) BIRD #3 - different black/white wing pattern... BIRD #4 - another Western Bluebird? BIRD #5 - Chipping Sparrow? BIRD #6 - ?? Thanks, Peter
  7. Hi all, on to Arizona... but first one more from Utah. BIRD #1 - I'm not good at thsse - looks like some sort of hummingbird? Probably not a sandpiper (there was water nearby but scarce) Location: Capitol Reef National Park BIRD #2 - male House Finch? Location: Flagstaff, AZ BIRD #3 - American Goldfinch? Location: Flagstaff, AZ BIRD #4 - common raven? Location: Petrified Forest NP BIRD #5 - another common raven? Location: Grand Canyon NP Thanks, Peter
  8. Probably my favorite places visited on this road trip... Bear Lake, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Desert, Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island, fantastic! Many gulls there, which I will post separately... BIRD #1 - American White Pelican Location: Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge BIRD #2 - Hmm? Hopefully not baby swans? Looks like some variant of a grebe? Location: Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge BIRD #3 - no idea Location: near Bonneville Salt Flats BIRD #4 - bad photo, large distance, no idea... Location: Ensign Peak, Salt Lake City BIRD #5 - Similar to #3? The beak seems stronger, finch-like... or is it female Brown-headed Cowbird? Location: Ensign Peak, Salt Lake City BIRD #6 - ?? similar to #5? Location: Salt Lake City
  9. Great, thanks! The second photo at #2 was taken about a minute after the first one, but yup, I think if was a different tree.
  10. You mean second photo at Bird #2 or Bird #3?
  11. Hi all, next round of bird ID requests from my West USA trip, this time from Yellowstone NP. Bird #1 - not sure, could it be Clark’s Nutcracker? Location: Yellowstone NP, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone I think Bird #2 - no idea here, looks sparrowish though? Location: somewhere in Yellowstone NP Bird #3 - a sparrow, but which species? Location: one of geyser basins in Yellowstone NP Bird #4 - some ducks far away, so probably hard to identify, but there were lots of such ducks in the lake, so perhaps best guess of a most common species there with head like this??? Location:Yellowstone Lake Bird #5 - looks purple/blueish, so common raven? Location: near Yellowstone Lake Bird #6 - Canada Geese, this was was easy Location: Yellowstone Lake Thanks! Peter
  12. I photographed some ravens earlier in Colorado, so american crow is even better as it's a new species in my "collection" Thanks for the help with ID! Now off to Yellowstone photos...
  13. Bird #3 - maybe Yellow Warbler? Location: Missouri Headwaters State Park Bird #4 - common raven? Location: Bozeman, Montana Bird #5 - European Starling? (ok, I know this one from Europe, same species?) Location: Bozeman, Montana Bird #6 - Black-billed Magpie? (looks like european magpie Pica Pica but is different species?) Location: Bozeman, Montana
  14. Bird #2 - maybe Gray Catbird? Location: Missouri Headwaters State Park