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  1. Pine Siskin?

    Thanks, egosnell2002. The stubby bill... House Finch...You are right. Now I remember that the female house finches don't have the rosy head.
  2. Pine Siskin?

    I took this picture at Fullerton Arboretum 2 weeks ago. (Before the Anaheim Fire...) Merlin photo Id says Pine Siskin but the bird in the picture has thicker bill.
  3. Thanks, egosnell 2002. I think you are right. When I submitted this picture to Merlin (the online bird id website), it came back with the same answer. I didn't believe it, because Merlin is not always correct (maybe correct 70-80% of the time?), but your opinion confirms it. The bird's red feet also look very much like the dove's feet. So maybe it's a young mourning dove that is going through some severe molting process. Thanks, again.
  4. Hello everyone, These pictures were taken on 8/19/2017 at Fullerton Arboretum in the City of Fullerton in Southern California. I initially thought the bird was a dove of some kind because of the size, but when I zoomed in, it didn't look like a dove at all. Even after some research, I still don't know what bird this is. Thank you any help. Jim