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  1. Lunch

    I really like vultures. They are such a useful bird. We have about 30 to 35 turkey and black vultures that are roosting near our house and they definitely put on a show in the evenings right before they decide to get comfortable for the night.
  2. There is something kind of sweet and innocent about this one: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S41053773
  3. I am 99% sure this is a male house finch, but the striping on the face is bugging me. Get me on the right track please.
  4. Eye contact............

    Defiant little junco in the snow, checking me out.
  5. Flyover ID, single picture

    Thanks, they are seen in this area, first time for my yard, though. Bird no. 106.
  6. It was still very snowy this a.m. and there was a lot of bird activity, including this flyover in which I was only able to get a single shot. I am drawing a blank, any help/suggestions appreciate.
  7. Cardinal in a snowy magnolia, also unusual for south Mississippi.
  8. Yes, sorry, I should have said that. I only got one picture and I cropped it for a closer look in case that helped. My impression was also gadwall from dark tails, but I have next to no experience with ducks in flight id.
  9. 4 inches at my house, 3 inches officially. It snowed from 5:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. today. We have no salt for the roadworks here and it is going into the 20s tonight. Can you say state of emergency? Bad duck pictures:
  10. I need some confirmations. We had a large amount of snow for us and a lot of flyovers. When I find the pictures, I also have some ducks I have no clue about that I will add to this post. Thanks for any id help. Immature red shouldered? Ring billed gull? Blue-headed vireo? I initially thought I was taking a picture of a ruby crowned kinglet, but the light was low as you can see, and the bill and the white over the bill seem to be vireo.
  11. Immature red-tailed hawk?

    Yes, this one has been around for almost a week, has no bands and no falconers have claimed him. Another falconer made an attempt to capture without success.
  12. Terrible "warbler" picture

    You changed your profile pic!! Very nice!