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  1. I couldn't pick one of this house finch singing so sweetly.
  2. I also had this Wilson's snipe pose very pretty yesterday, too.
  3. That is a good question, maybe @psweet knows the answer? That is not an edit by me, all of the pictures show his eyes like that. They really looked more white in person, I think the reflection off the leaves in the photo changed it to that yellow color.
  4. Just two common birds for you today, red-bellied woodpecker and a brown thrasher.
  5. Any Lifers?

    Inca dove (in my county, which is rare) White-winged dove, which is not a lifer, but a county lifer and county rarity:
  6. What did you see today?

    Purple Martins, first seen on Saturday, which is a bit early for them in our area. Also had some out of place Ross's Goose and Greater White-fronted Goose this weekend.
  7. You might be a birder...

    You might be a birder.... If you volunteer for extra work because it will take you to 2 other counties you need to bird for a statewide birding contest. (zeiss binos are the trophy, I am in 2nd place).
  8. Oh, good grief!!!! 1 ring-necked duck and 2 in a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Bad hair day

    Punk rock waxwing, that mohawked berry bandit.
  10. Those "Almost" Good Shots!!

    Speaking of aggravating branches:
  11. A lifer bird this weekend, Henslow's sparrow. In the hand, as we were performing a sparrow sweep at Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR this weekend. 25-30% of the estimated 500,000 Henslow's depend on the Pine Savannah at this refuge as wintering grounds.
  12. Not a great picture, but a rare bird for me: Bullock's Oriole (first year, female)
  13. I observed this Oriole through the window for about 10 minutes getting pictures from 4 and 5 feet away, when I finally decided to risk stepping outside to attempt better pictures without the window, something spooked all the birds (not me I was as quiet as a mouse). It didn't return while I was there, but has returned later today, I am told. The amount of white on the belly and the relatively high area at the top of the breast where the yellow stops coming down from the head as well as a the faint black eyeline I observed at the time, have me leaning bullock's which is very rare for this area, although one was seen just south of here 2 months ago (an adult bird). I would like some input please, not getting much local help.