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  1. Any ideas on this immature bird?

    One more hard crop to show a little bit more of what is coming in around the eye, the wing color and tail color....
  2. Any ideas on this immature bird?

    I really appreciate all the input, it is teaching me quite a bit. I can ignore the bill length (or perceived bill length) but I did want to show you that the black or dark brown pattern did extend onto the other side of the face and could theoretically be food, but it is pretty symmetric. I am glad to see that it has other people stumped, so I guess it will just sit on my checklist as a passerine.
  3. Any ideas on this immature bird?

    I think the bill is still too long for yellow warbler and it doesn't explain the black feathers coming in along the side of the beak.
  4. This is a mystery bird from a national forest in August (in Mississippi). I still don't have an idea of what this bird is. The shape kind of reminds me of meadowlark, but the tail is too long and the wrong color (I believe) and the black that is coming in on the face just doesn't seem to match up with anything I can think of with such a long, somewhat hooked beak.
  5. I think I have these, please let me know if I am right, thanks. Chipping Sparrow (young with that pale beak?) Immature male common yellowthroat (male because of the rusty-ish sides): Swamp Sparrow: House Wren:
  6. Meadowlark?

    Sorry to be a needy nelly, but this would be a new bird for my yard, if I am correct. The picture stinks, bc there was no way for the sun not be at least partially behind the bird, but is this an eastern meadowlark?
  7. Juvenile sapsucker confirmation

    Thanks for the explanation. I never have red-headed, maybe this crop will help more, seems to have some of the brownish flicker feathers: I think it has to be a flicker, just in a shadow.
  8. Juvenile sapsucker confirmation

    What is the difference between immature and juvenile? #askingforafriend Also, is this the same bird or a weirdly lit/dark northern flicker? And just for reference, this is why I didn't notice it in the tree originally: In this tree alone (this morning), there were 7 yellow rumped warblers, 3 eastern bluebird, 3 pine warblers, a downy woodpecker, and a red bellied woodpecker. It was a very busy morning!
  9. Hummingbird and eBird reviewer

    She only hung around for 3 day as we had a strong cold front push through that took all my hummingbirds from me. I never could get the money shot of the flared tail, this is the closest that she would give me: Thanks for the information!
  10. There were just too many birds this morning as I was out and about, but I did happen to snap a picture of what I thought was and recorded as a hairy woodpecker, but this is a yellow bellied sapsucker juvenile, correct?
  11. Maybe pine warbler in NJ

    Beautiful picture!
  12. Hummingbird and eBird reviewer

    I have, but our reviewers are very much sticklers for the exact. My bet is that they will make me label it as "Allen's/Rufous" once I submit this info.
  13. I had a Rufous (per my ID) hummingbird visit my yard last week. I ID'ed as Rufous per appearance, likelihood in visiting our area (vs Allen's, significantly less frequent) and aggressive behavior. A reviewer is asking me why I chose Rufous as he states from pictures this bird could only be ID'd as a Selasphorus sp. Any other thoughts from you much more experienced folks? Thanks for any help!