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  1. Post your 2018 migrants

    A few from this week.
  2. Migration is in full swing, it has kept me running:
  3. Nice shot, but this appears to be a broad-winged hawk with that chest coloration and the wider bands in the tail. Very cool hawk that is back from migration.
  4. I have been so busy the last week I haven't checked in, and I ran out of likes way too fast!!! I have 2 from the last week I thought I would share of our returning migrants.
  5. I couldn't pick just one from today:
  6. You might be a birder...

    Raven...I don't think so...
  7. That's odd

    Ranger did make it through the night. Hopefully, he has found a flock and is gorging on berries as we speak.
  8. Good pic! These guys are hard to capture as they love, love, love to avoid good lighting.
  9. That's odd

    So... I was driving home and there, in the middle of the road, at rush hour, is a bird sitting there. I quickly manage a turn around and turn on my flashers and snag this guy. He is sitting in a carrier, covered and warming. He tried to fly earlier but only could fly right, not straight. We will see if he makes it through the night. Then, after I got home, these two warring chickadees would. not. leave. the. garage. No matter what. I keep my fat hunter cat in there, so they could not stay. I have done my calisthenics for the day and now have 2 outdoor chickadees. Chickadee 2, he was the last one to let me get him out. He will win the battle for the front yard, I think. Chickadee #1. Caught him 3 times, before I could get him to stay out of the garage. I got all the way outside with him, just for him to wriggle out and go right back inside where number 2 still was. I caught him a second time, but didn't like my grip and he scurried away again... 3rd time was the charm.
  10. Leucistic birds

    Leucistic chipping sparrow
  11. I like the way the field rises up behind it, but here is the cropped version, too. I will miss these guys, they won't be with us much longer.
  12. Purple martin house hunters arrived today. They probably won't stay, since they didn't last year, but I enjoyed their visit this morning.