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  1. Not your typical eastern with the dark throat, but not sure what subspecies this should be.
  2. photobombers!!!

    The absolute worst photo bomb I have had to date. I was photographing the scaup on the far left and did not see the long-tailed duck on the far right. This is a rare bird for our area and needed way more of my attention than the ruddies, scaup, and bufflehead present. This is my only photograph of the bird...
  3. I am fairly certain these are all male house finches, but we have had a recent increase in the number of house finches and these 3 males today had more of a facial pattern than our typical males, and I was curious if any might be purple finch. I see that they have streaking, especially the last one, and the raspberry red is not quite there or as diffuse over the body of the bird, but just wanted to check myself.....I don't know if I will ever be able to tell the males apart with any level of confidence....
  4. Birds that have found their way inside

    We have had several ruby throated hummingbirds in our garage and a indigo bunting in the house once. We just leave the garage door opened for the hummers, they have always found their way out without the stress of human interference.
  5. Some kind of Wren?

    With that eyebrow and orange-brown color on the underparts, I say carolina wren.
  6. Which accipter

    I initially identified this as Cooper's when photographing this bird, but now I am doubting myself. Does anyone have a definitive id, and the why of the that id? Thanks. This is one of the first photos, the tail looks slightly rounded and wings straight, but then....see the other photos.... Tail starts to look squared off....it's starting to glide and the head does not seem to be projecting well beyond the wrists... Tail feathers all appear to be the same length?
  7. Unusual red-tailed for our area, with a dark throat (actually dark feathers around the beak altogether) but then a light red head. Lots of white on back and back of wings with traditional red tail in flight. Please excuse the terrible pictures, part of the problem was distance the other was the 30 degree weather and 20 degree wind chill rushing my attempts at photography.