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  1. You might be a birder...

    Raven...I don't think so...
  2. That's odd

    Ranger did make it through the night. Hopefully, he has found a flock and is gorging on berries as we speak.
  3. Good pic! These guys are hard to capture as they love, love, love to avoid good lighting.
  4. That's odd

    So... I was driving home and there, in the middle of the road, at rush hour, is a bird sitting there. I quickly manage a turn around and turn on my flashers and snag this guy. He is sitting in a carrier, covered and warming. He tried to fly earlier but only could fly right, not straight. We will see if he makes it through the night. Then, after I got home, these two warring chickadees would. not. leave. the. garage. No matter what. I keep my fat hunter cat in there, so they could not stay. I have done my calisthenics for the day and now have 2 outdoor chickadees. Chickadee 2, he was the last one to let me get him out. He will win the battle for the front yard, I think. Chickadee #1. Caught him 3 times, before I could get him to stay out of the garage. I got all the way outside with him, just for him to wriggle out and go right back inside where number 2 still was. I caught him a second time, but didn't like my grip and he scurried away again... 3rd time was the charm.
  5. Leucistic birds

    Leucistic chipping sparrow
  6. I like the way the field rises up behind it, but here is the cropped version, too. I will miss these guys, they won't be with us much longer.
  7. Purple martin house hunters arrived today. They probably won't stay, since they didn't last year, but I enjoyed their visit this morning.
  8. The birds were twerps on this beautiful, non-cloudy day, but there were other photo ops:
  9. Major dips in 2018

    When you get off work early, grab your birding buddy and you are 60 minutes in to a 90 minute drive to see a glaucous gull and you get an email from another birder telling you they are there and can't locate it. Then, 5 minutes later get an email from another birder who went at 8:30 this morning and also couldn't locate it, but didn't tell anyone until 4... AND long tailed duck and lesser black backed gull also decide to no-show...triple dip.
  10. You might be a birder...

    You are being nice. I am 5 points behind the leader, but he is mostly retired and has a lot more time to bird than me. WIth that said, I am trying to compete, so the goal this weekend is to hit the bottom 2 counties and get a full point in the bottom one (48 different birds) and as much as possible in the other bottom one (need 73 in that one) BUT on the way to those 2 counties I have several bottom 20 counties that I am hitting the hotspots or most likely locations in as well. I am also going to a couple of other places that I don't have any points in for some lifer birds (hopefully) including rough legged hawk and short eared owl. I am hoping the rain holds off on Sunday....
  11. You might be a birder...

    Thanks, I am taking a 3 day weekend and I am hoping to do some birding in the 4 least birded counties and bring my points way up.
  12. I couldn't pick one of this house finch singing so sweetly.
  13. I also had this Wilson's snipe pose very pretty yesterday, too.
  14. That is a good question, maybe @psweet knows the answer? That is not an edit by me, all of the pictures show his eyes like that. They really looked more white in person, I think the reflection off the leaves in the photo changed it to that yellow color.
  15. Just two common birds for you today, red-bellied woodpecker and a brown thrasher.
  16. Any Lifers?

    Inca dove (in my county, which is rare) White-winged dove, which is not a lifer, but a county lifer and county rarity:
  17. What did you see today?

    Purple Martins, first seen on Saturday, which is a bit early for them in our area. Also had some out of place Ross's Goose and Greater White-fronted Goose this weekend.
  18. You might be a birder...

    You might be a birder.... If you volunteer for extra work because it will take you to 2 other counties you need to bird for a statewide birding contest. (zeiss binos are the trophy, I am in 2nd place).
  19. Oh, good grief!!!! 1 ring-necked duck and 2 in a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Bad hair day

    Punk rock waxwing, that mohawked berry bandit.
  21. Those "Almost" Good Shots!!

    Speaking of aggravating branches:
  22. A lifer bird this weekend, Henslow's sparrow. In the hand, as we were performing a sparrow sweep at Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR this weekend. 25-30% of the estimated 500,000 Henslow's depend on the Pine Savannah at this refuge as wintering grounds.