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  1. Birds that have found their way inside

    We have had several ruby throated hummingbirds in our garage and a indigo bunting in the house once. We just leave the garage door opened for the hummers, they have always found their way out without the stress of human interference.
  2. Some kind of Wren?

    With that eyebrow and orange-brown color on the underparts, I say carolina wren.
  3. Which accipter

    I initially identified this as Cooper's when photographing this bird, but now I am doubting myself. Does anyone have a definitive id, and the why of the that id? Thanks. This is one of the first photos, the tail looks slightly rounded and wings straight, but then....see the other photos.... Tail starts to look squared off....it's starting to glide and the head does not seem to be projecting well beyond the wrists... Tail feathers all appear to be the same length?
  4. Unusual red-tailed for our area, with a dark throat (actually dark feathers around the beak altogether) but then a light red head. Lots of white on back and back of wings with traditional red tail in flight. Please excuse the terrible pictures, part of the problem was distance the other was the 30 degree weather and 20 degree wind chill rushing my attempts at photography.
  5. LOL!

    @Bird Brain, there isn't much I can brag about in MS, but I do think we have prettier and more interesting fox squirrels: (P.S., I was in a hurry trying to get this picture, and didn't realize the dial on my camera had switched from manual to nighttime mode, so sorry for the noisy picture)
  6. NOT MY PHOTO, color corrected photo of above hawk.
  7. I took the picture and corrected for the under-exposure/lighting. It's a red shouldered with a beautiful rusty belly and chest.
  8. confirm Iceland Gull

    @akileyThere are only 2 white gulls observed by many people over the past 4 weeks. The lighter one, that is being potentially identified as a ring-billed and the duskier iceland gull. We have all been to the same location. Please see the ebird link above. Some people are taking pictures on cloudy days (me) and brighter days (dred and ausnic) and possibly lightening their photos (not me for sure). These gulls have even been seen together a beach over in Long Beach, MS. Same gulls.
  9. confirm Iceland Gull

    Alternately, my photos of the lighter of the 2 gulls: Darker of the two:
  10. confirm Iceland Gull

    Here is the link to the hotspot illustrated checklist for these iceland gulls: https://ebird.org/media/catalog?hotspotCode=L978531&date.yearRange=YALL&taxonCode=y00478&mediaType=Photo&sort=rating_rank_desc
  11. confirm Iceland Gull

    Yes, dred, that is both of the 2 current iceland gulls in residence.
  12. I have a yellow-rumped warbler plumage question from pictures taken yesterday at Tyler SP in Smith Co, Texas. This brightly colored male really surprised me, is this summer or winter plumage or somewhere in between? This is by far the most brightly colored yellow-rumped I have seen this fall and winter, and I have easily seen 1000 of these little guys this year. Unfortunately, this busy little guy was in a low light area, very sorry for the picture quality.
  13. 2 Questions

    I would like some help aging this eagle, with any tips for aging immature birds, please. Is the middle snow goose a juvenile?
  14. 2 Questions

    Thank you. This was photographed in 2018, just this week. I have been looking at a link provided here that really only referred to the placement and amount of white in the plumage and color of the eye, but really didn't help since the bird was showing a mix of features they were using to age the bird. I did notice the juvenile feathers, but didn't know how to use them as a field mark.
  15. The angle of the sun is creating an orange tint on the birds. I would suggest you re-crop the photo to primarily only be focused on the red bird. Even if it is grainy, it could give more detail of body and bill shape.
  16. House wren?

    Your picture shows a very "alert" posture. Wrens are such spunky, nosy little birds. I often see them in this posture. I agree you have a house wren there.
  17. I am also curious about the black crested titmouse vs tufted titmouse. I see you have a western fox squirrel, but a definite location/state would be nice for confirmation.
  18. First Bird of 2018

    Dark-eyed junco on my back patio this morning.
  19. Reflection pictures

    I have been there. Was sick as a dog the 2 weeks before Christmas, cough syrup, antibiotics, allergy meds all make the brain a little fuzzy!