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  1. Loon? Cormorant?

    Thank you Melierax!
  2. Loon? Cormorant?

    Hi All, I took this picture (very far off with 400mm lens) of the La Jolla Point in Southern California. I've looked at the pictures a million times and just can't 'plug' it with a species. Doesn't seem to fit the 3 Cormorants species found there, nor Loons. Does anyone have a clue because I am obviously missing an identifier. Thanks so much!
  3. Shorebird expert please!

    Thank you so much psweet!
  4. Hi All, Could anyone identify what this shorebird is please? I admit I am horrible at shorebirds and this was taken in San Diego, CA where a Pacific Golden Plover has been reported for a while. I've tried to compare information and pictures, but still confused. Thanks so much!
  5. Gull Help Please!!!!

    Hi All, I would appreciate any help in identifying these Gulls. I am Gull stupid. The more I try to identify them, the more confused I get. These were taken in Port Washington, WI where all 3 of the above named Gulls - Glaucous, Iceland and Thayer's have all been seen. Thanks so much!
  6. Golden Eagle

    Hi All, I hope someone can confirm this is a Golden Eagle. This was taken today in North east Texas near Longview. Horrible Pics - it was flying really high. If it is, it is rare here. Thanks so much!
  7. Hi Everyone, I just got back from Galveston, Texas where I took this picture. I have searched my birding books and online info till I'm blue in the face and still don't know if this is a Juvenile (lesser or greater) Black-backed Gull or a Juvenile Herring Gull. Any Gull experts out there? Thanks so much!!!
  8. Longspurs?

    Sorry, forgot to put Northwest Texas!
  9. Longspurs?

    Hi All, Can Anyone help me ID these little guys please? I think I have a Chestnut collared and a Smith's, but not sure of the one in the middle? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  10. Say's Phoebe?

    Thanks so much everyone!
  11. Say's Phoebe?

    Hi All, Could anyone confirm that this is a Say's Phoebe? It was taken in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, southwest Texas. Thanks so much!
  12. Need Hawk ID Please!

    Hi, I watched a squirmish between 3 hawks, and when I took a photo, followed the 3rd one (which was a Red-tailed Hawk), so only got 1 photo of each of the other Hawks. I'm befuddled. The first one was white and black (it's head looks black but it is shadowed by the wing) and it's tail looks forked. The only bird that I can come up with is a Swallow-tailed Kite - which is impossible since they migrated. The second possibly a male Harrier? These were taken in North - central Texas. Thanks so much!
  13. Hi, I am not an expert on Grebes. Looking for ID - I know it must be either a Horned Grebe or an Eared Grebe. Thanks so much!
  14. Hawk ID please

    Hi, looking for ID on this Hawk please. Stared at it a million times. First inclination is a Juvi Red-shouldered, but pondered Broad-winged. Northeast Texas. Thanks so much!
  15. Stuck on a duck

    Thank you All!!