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  1. Hawk? please help identify

    Thank you everyone for the information on how to figure out the age and type of hawk! :)..and Melierax thanks for the link! i will give it a try! ..i like to post bigger pictures, but every time i do, its says only allows a certain size, so i have to make much smaller....thanks all...!
  2. Hawk? please help identify

    wow..thank you so much for all the information! so how old do you think the hawk is?
  3. Hawk? please help identify

    but i see no red tail? sorry i am new to birding? and what does it mean a belly band? thank YOU!
  4. Hello all. I saw this guy or gal about a month ago at Duke Farms in NJ..can anyone help me identify? thank YOU!
  5. Help ...baby goose stuck on roof top at work

    UPDATE. I rescuerd the baby goose. And all happy. Amazing. I apologize. It wasn’t a roof top as my husband told me. It was 5th floor balcony. I took a sheet and covered him. Put him into the box my husband had near door. Quickly went down the elevators to parking lot Mom and dad goose were atop the building across the street. I took him down and the Mom goose was stretching her neck high. And looking down even before we crossed the street. Somehow she knew her baby was in that box. We walked across the street. My husband let the little guy go. And Mom started making all kinds of sounds. And flew directly down. Almost like an angel would come down. Then Mom quickly started to guide this little goose to safety. Dad was making all kinds of tweets from top of the building. He then came flying down straight also. They all waddled away. By the time I came back in 20 minutes they were at the back of the building happily going into a stream. Beautiful. Amazing how these gorgeous creatures have such feelings.
  6. Good morning, I hoping someone can help. There was 4 baby geese born this past weekend on the roof top of my husbands work. there was 2 left yesterday, now there is only one. they cannot get off the rooftop to follow mom and dad ....there is no way down. I believe the others died from not eating on the ground. ..So sad the one little one sitting next to his brother, trying to get him to move. Is it possible and safe to try to capture the little guy in a sheet and carry him down and wait for mom and dad to find him? i fear he wont make it today if we dont. Please help asap.
  7. What type of large nest is this???

    yes right by the bay and ocean
  8. What type of large nest is this???

    no, its just a little black bird sitting upon this huge nest!
  9. What type of large nest is this???

    oh, actually i dont know..let me see if i can zoom in under picassa thank you.
  10. What type of large nest is this???

    yeah sorry ...i was on a different topic...and should of posted new :)...
  11. Hawk? please help identify

    Thanks. I did post new post after I figured it out. . Not use to this site yet. I thought also osprey. When I was down in Cape Mya over the summer I saw one just like this and the ranger said osprey. Thanks again
  12. Saw this on top of an old empty house down at Sandy Hook NJ? Please help identify :)..thanks!
  13. Saw this on top of an old empty house down at Sandy Hook NJ? Please help identify :)..thanks!
  14. Hawk? please help identify

    does any one know what type of nest this is? if found it ontop of a house at sandy hook nj...thank you much!
  15. Hawk? please help identify

    Thanks so much. I may go out today and brave the cold and look for some bald eagles down at Sandy Hook NJ. I may just sit in car as I ha e a pretty good cold