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  1. Overnighted in tree by a small lake. I'd guess 18" Brown upper when he took off. Could not see the shape of his head, Took 5 photos with a long lens, all of which look identical to this one.
  2. Is this actually a long tailed duck? I can't see what else it could be. This is in the channel in Muskegon MI
  3. Georgia Bird

    With white on the top of the wings? And black underside?
  4. Georgia Bird

    We saw this bird at the National Monument near Macon Georgia last week. What could it possibly be? There were about 4 of them, maybe more, all in the same tree or group of trees. Photo shows body of bird. Wing underside was black, with a white bar. As a note the hurricane went through there a week before. I tried for more photos, but they were very active and this is the best of them.