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  1. Oh yes, now that I listen closer I hear the squirrel Good ears!
  2. The audio in #1 sounds distorted but I think I hear red-bellied woodpecker. Might want another opinion
  3. Pass on #1 2 is def. carolina wren
  4. Black and Yellow Black and Yellow

    this one is really showing that crown
  5. Cormorant in Prague

    agree with great cormorant
  6. Hawk ID

    Pretty sure I know what this is, but I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback. Sorry about the quality. Dec '17 https://imgur.com/a/PuTc8
  7. Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned

    Do you have a higher resolution (bigger size) picture of the hawk in question?
  8. Mystery bird at my feeder

    what is the length of the bird feeder?
  9. Female Common Grackle?

    I would say this looks good for female with the amount of brown and the contrasting dark hood
  10. I had a hairy woodpecker a few times on my finch tube feeder. Thought it was unusual. He is perching on one of the feeding ports. I've also had a grackle and a red-bellied woodpecker on this.
  11. Tufted Duck?

    looks like a ring necked duck to me
  12. Cooper or Sharpie

    according to allaboutbirds studies have reported doves as prey for sharpies, but this is a coopers
  13. Phoebe and Song Sparrow?

    Confirmed for me
  14. Dish soap good enough?

    do you know if dish soap enough to kill/remove things like mold, algae, house finch eye disease?
  15. Random question about wild bird feathers?

    wow 15 seems pretty high