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  1. Syncopated bird call

    possibly Song Sparrow. each song sparrow will sing its own rendition of the same tune https://www.xeno-canto.org/species/Melospiza-melodia
  2. How do you stop feeding?

    Thanks for your reply Charlie. The Cardinals hanging around for days was actually back in July. I have been putting out half as normal until I run out, and will see how it turns out
  3. Bird that Sounds like a Squeaky Swing

    I think blue jays and common grackles sound squeaky. maybe you can get a recordinv for us if all else fails
  4. Bird Singing Pretty Pretty Pretty!

    Another possibility is tufted titmouse
  5. I have been feeding wild birds and squirrels in my yard for almost a year. I think i mainly continue to feed not out of enjoyment but now out of pity or something similar. In march i would put out 4 solo cups of food, which equates to about 1 lb a day. This has attracted hundreds of birds and maybe a dozen squirrels. I did not feed for 2 days and I went out and theres at least 10-15 birds (sosp, wtsp, deju, noca) hiding in the bush near where I feed waiting for food. The last time I tried to quit, 10 days later there are 6 or so cardinals beeping in the yard seemingly not doing anything but perching and chirping incessantly. the research i do online mostly says you can stop feeding at any time, that birds only get 30% of their food from the feeder. Will they all eventually get the hint? Should I just stop cold turkey? One other concern I have is pesticide will be sprayed in April (not my choice), which I am worried could be disastrous. Anybody have experience stopping feeding that could lend me advice?
  6. Austin TX, Mar 22

  7. Leucistic birds

    White-Capped Song Sparrow hanging out in the yard the past few months
  8. Yellow Cardinal

    Maybe this is the key to the bright green bird mystery of two thousand seventeen
  9. Can't seem to place this (audio)

    Fooled me, thanks
  10. LI, NY yesterday. https://clyp.it/lm3wapjg The descending notes Edit" Clip link will expire. Audio uploaded to https://www.xeno-canto.org/404929 Thank you!
  11. Old pic, not sure :x

    Long Island, New York, USA
  12. Old pic, not sure :x

    Good call, I can see these now!
  13. This photo was taken in July and I just came across it. I understand if the birds are unidentifiable. Thank you for your help
  14. Today on a lake https://imgur.com/a/HuH0T I included some robins for your trouble: Thank you.
  15. Help with LI Duck

    nice shots fellow long islander : lots of us on here