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  1. Carolina chickadee?

    My zoo would have chickadees in it. Let it be noted
  2. Carolina chickadee?

    I'm confused, I thought this was in a zoo and I thought that means that the bird wasn't wild, and ebird reports wouldn't apply?
  3. mystery birdwing

    Northern Flicker, yellow shafted
  4. Mallard or American Black??

    Agree with Mallard
  5. Is this a Merlin?

    I am psyched about this ! I've seen a merlin before, but it was at dusk. Thanks
  6. Is this a Merlin?

    lawnguyland, new yawk
  7. Is this a Merlin?

    Scaring some seabirds on a lake this morning. Thanks to anyone that can help identify what's in these photos.
  8. This HAS to be a sharpie

    I don't know what it is with mourning doves sometimes. I've seen a mourning dove hanging out on the ground about 6 feet away from a cat once
  9. Just a Robin?

    wow, interesting. thanks for the help everybody!
  10. Just a Robin?

    I saw this bird today hanging out near a pond. There were a lot of robins in the area, but there was one bird just perching up in the tree, not moving, and it was really dark, and couldn't make it out even in my binoculars. I thought it seemed different in shape so I took a photo hoping I could ID it later. But this is the best I've got it to. The amount of white on the underside is throwing me off. Thanks for any help
  11. moments like these where we wish we had those super-duper cameras
  12. Is this a Laughing Gull?

    Looks like an immature Laughing Gull
  13. I really liked this Mallard shot today
  14. Lunch

    ht Ring Billed Gulls having some fish
  15. Lesser Scaup?

    reading up on the difference a little bit it looks more like a greater because of the shape of the head. Didn't know they were such similar birds.