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  1. 20+ Cedar Waxwing Dead at Front Door

    You sure they were dead? Maybe they were drunk. You have any junipers in the yard (they have blue berries).
  2. Jumped the Gun?

    I'm in Silver Spring Maryland (bordering DC). For as long as I can remember, Red-winged Blackbirds are always the first migrating bird to return here, usually mid-February (I haven't seen them yet this year).
  3. feeder for nyger (thistle) seed

    Are the House Sparrows able to feed from the sock?
  4. European Starlings

    I can't think of a more disgusting bird. Well, maybe the house sparrow.
  5. Mockingbird and nest boxes question

    Nor am I an expert, but I'll say I think Mockingbirds have about the strangest behavior (strange as in interesting) of all the common neighborhood birds. I have on more than one occasion observed a Mockingbird bouncing up and down on a wire. He'd jump vertically about eight feet, come straight down back to the wire, repeatedly. I have observed Mockingbirds stake out a spot on a busy street (for example K street NW in downtown DC) and attack any person who walked past that spot. One would presume he/she had an active nest nearby, but there wasn't a tree or bush anywhere in sight.
  6. Dark Eyed Junko

    I concur, mostly ground feeders but I occasionally see them at my feeder if they are particularly hungry, which is often the case during or following a snowstorm. In fact, when I do see them more often than not there is snow on the ground. Here, in Washington DC, we see them only in winter. (By the way you'll note in a separate thread, I designated them my favorite winter bird.)
  7. What is your favorite bird?

    I like the good old Carolina Wren. He's my favorite, because he makes beautiful music and he's a beautiful, elegant bird. And, because he's very often in my back yard and I can see him clearly from the kitchen window. After that, I like the Black and White Warbler. Except I have never gotten a good look at one. My favorite winter bird is the Junco.Plenty of them in my backyard in the winter, especially in the snow.
  8. millet seed

    Which birds? The reason I don't suggest a mix is that the birds who don't like millet, but do like, say, safflower, are going to sift through the millet to get to the safflower and lots of millet is going to end up on the ground. What I suggest (assuming you want to attract birds that like millet) is put up a feeder with all millet, another feeder with just safflower, etc. That's what I do, I have feeders with just sunflower, others with just safflower, others with just thistle, etc. No millet, so far, but I'll try that too. But I have never put a mix in any feeder.
  9. flying squirrels

    Black squirrels are fairly common in the Washington DC area. That's because some years ago several escaped from the National Zoo. I don't know how far they may have spread beyond DC. But as far as I know those black squirrels that escaped from the zoo account for all the black squirrels in the US.
  10. millet seed

    Yeah I agree, don't get a blend. The birds typically brush away the inferior seeds to get to the seeds they want, and much of the inferior seeds end up on the ground.
  11. Sparrow problems

    Here's a trick that might work. I buy the commercially-sold suet that comes in a plastic container except one side, which is paper, which you remove first and then remove the suet. So I Removed the paper but left the suet in the plastic container so only one side is exposed, placed the whole thing in the suet feeder, and hung it so that exposed side faces down. I tried this for the first time late yesterday and haven't had a chance to evaluate the results. I'll report back.
  12. Don't do it! It seems you have a solution in place for keeping house sparrows out of your back yard. I wouldn't mess with it.
  13. Odd duck!

  14. Odd duck!

    What's this? (Lisbon, early December). Photo: Elizabeth Magin
  15. Sparrow problems

    Let me add this. I an seriously considering acquiring a trap. A bit of research indicates that a trap can be effective. It attracts all birds but you can reach in and grab and release the "good" birds while accumulating the house sparrows. The problem is, there is no suggestion of what to do with the caught sparrows. Blue Birder kill them (and justifiably so) but I'm not a Blue Birder and don't want to go to that extreme. I don't want to simply relocate them where they will become someone else's problem. I have contacted wildlife rehab centers, to see if they would take them as prey for their raptors. Seems like a good solution but I haven't heard back from any of them.