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  1. Egyptian Goose

    Oh! I like them! They're so unique. I've never seen them before.
  2. Landscape and Scenery photographs!

    Oh goodness, I want to explore this so bad! Beautiful..
  3. Ohhhh my goodness!!! This would be my favorite picture too! They are so darling! Is this a full grown adult to the left do you think? It still looks kinda short. To me anyways !
  4. Lots of bird activity today! Especially in one tree in particular. There were cardinals, a woodpecker, and quite a few little grey birds whose name I don't know. While watching them I heard not one, but two hummingbirds in a tree behind me! It's not a superb photo or anything, but I'm really happy I got this little guy perched!
  5. First Owl!!!

    Amazing photo! I couldn't think of a better photo to remember your first owl. His expression is the best!