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  1. Barrow's Goldeneye?

    Thanks Gis!
  2. Barrow's Goldeneye?

    Great, thanks akiley and Doug! I'll go with Barrows. I'm going to post to eBird and I'm sure they will let me know if they disagree, since this is a rare bird in my area.
  3. Barrow's Goldeneye?

    Thanks Sean and Jackie. I should stop using Merlin Bird ID for these trickier identifications since the ID is often wrong. I was feeling pretty good about this one though.
  4. There has been a female Barrow's Goldeneye reported recently close to where I took these photos today in Long Island, NY. I feel pretty confident that this is a Barrow's, with the steeper forehead and rounder looking head. Am I right? Thanks!
  5. Tufted Duck?

    Thank you all for your comments. I can agree with this being some sort of hybrid, potentially a redhead x ring necked as hbvol suggested, or what about a scaup x ring necked? Looking back at my photo from the Tufted Duck in December, I see now that the bill is different, and the back darker, although that individual didn't have clean white sides. See attached. Thanks again - your comments all helped my thought process on this.
  6. Tufted Duck?

    I considered Ring-necked Duck but there doesn't appear to be that white hash mark on the chest. That white was seen without a doubt on other Ring-neck Ducks that were further away on that lake.
  7. Tufted Duck?

    I didn't notice this duck when I was taking photos earlier today since it was so far away. These are extremely cropped in. I recently observed a Tufted Duck at another location here in Long Island, NY in December. That Tufted Duck did not have an obvious tuft, and looked similar to this one, possibly an immature male or eclipse male? Do I have another Tufted Duck here, or something else? Thanks!
  8. Bonaparte's Gull?

    Thanks Tony!
  9. Bonaparte's Gull?

    Thanks hbvol. I was thinking this was a Bonaparte's since it's the only one with an eye spot that I've seen reported there regularly in recent weeks. Merlin Bird ID gives me other suggestions (although rare) of Black-headed Gull and Little Gull. I'm sure they are Bonaparte's but it would be nice to rule the rarities out.
  10. These were 4 or 5 gulls flying together past a jetty at Jones Beach, Long Island, NY today. Can anyone confirm Bonaparte's? Thanks!
  11. Lesser Black-backed Gull?

    Thanks everyone for your input. I'm still not sure what I have here but I'll see if I can find it again and get more photos. Thanks again.
  12. Lesser Black-backed Gull?

    The streaking did seem minimal compared to the few other LBBG I've seen. I've seen a lot of GBBG and this bird would be the first with streaking like this, if it's a GBBG. Good to know that streaking is possible on a GBBG. Perhaps I misjudged the size due to the distance but specifically on the photo of the bird perched on the piling near the GBBG, it appears to be significantly smaller and slightly lighter in color. Could it be a hybrid perhaps? I'll see if I can find it again to get more photos of the mantle and tail, and in better light.
  13. Lesser Black-backed Gull?

    Is it possible for an adult GBBG to have streaking on the head and neck? If this is a GBBG, wouldn't it appear to be an adult?
  14. Lesser Black-backed Gull?

    Unfortunately this was the only angle I had, and the gull didn't show its side or back at all. I have photos from 11/30 at the same location which may be the same bird. I'll attach them here. I had meant to post them here at the time to ask this same question but didn't get around to it.
  15. Photos taken today, Long Island, NY. This gull appeared smaller than a GBBG but there were no gulls nearby to do a size comparison. The streaking on the head and neck leads me to LBBG, but the legs don't appear yellowish to me... Any thoughts? Thank you!