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  1. Please help with Hawk Id

    I'm not great with raptors, but I would lean away from harrier; those faint stripes on the tail aren't normally visible in harriers like that, and the head shape doesn't seem to match from what I can tell either. Harriers' faces also tend to be very easy to distinguish where the head meets the neck/belly, which isn't really present here.
  2. Bird in Philadelphia

    Ooh yes, Heinz is a really great place to go! I've gone there so many times!! I love it. I have some great pictures from there too. If you enjoy wading birds, flycatchers, swallows and the such, you should definitely come back when spring/summer comes along! I could spend forever on the bridge watching the swallows; I absolutely adore them.
  3. Rose Breasted Grosbeak? Towhee??

    Ah, I suppose so. It's just odd for them to not be hanging out in, say, the tons of bushes on the other side of the parking lot. Also, the way we got that picture was by messing with saturation and brightness as well as cropping haha
  4. Tiny Bird in Pennsylvania

    Ahaha trust me I've definitely more than familiarized myself with nuthatches, I see them all the time. Such a delight! Definitely wasn't a nuthatch though. It was so much tinier than that, and just wasn't that type of bird. It wasn't colored like a nuthatch at all, and it definitely didn't have the claws nuthatches require. All the wren I find seem to be so dark colored- it was a very light brown with a slight yellowish tint
  5. Rose Breasted Grosbeak? Towhee??

    With the help of a discord chat and an editor, it definitely seems to be a towhee my question is what the heck did it think it was doing in a parking lot in Philadelphia lol
  6. Tiny Bird in Pennsylvania

    Bewick's looks pretty promising, I'm gonna go with that haha
  7. I have a very old feeder that is basically that squirrel busters linked at first, but entirely made of metal that I just fixed up and hung in my backyard today. It's pretty old, it was my aunts that she bought at least 20 years ago, haha. I got a nice, large bag of black oil sunflower seeds today for the feeders, which worked super great and I got a nice look at the song sparrows and white throats living in the bushes out front (I certainly was not aware there was a bush out there that wasn't completely overrun by house sparrows). I put the squirrel blocking feeder in the back where all the goldfinches and cardinals live, but as far as I've seen they haven't come near it yet, though that wasn't very long ago and I put it out pretty late in the afternoon. I know for sure I'll be looking into that platform feeder, thanks!
  8. Rose Breasted Grosbeak? Towhee??

    Yeah, I figured towhee would be a better guess, but even that's weird for a towhee. And the thing is with towhees, they rarely are out so clear in the open like that. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a junco though. It's also kind of late for both the grosbeak and towhee.
  9. Good evening! Back in mid October (October 14, around 1:30 pm to be exact), while I was in a rush to get to art class, I saw this bird. I apologize for the heckin horrible quality, like I said, I was in a rush. I was in south Philly in the parking lot at the Fleischer Art Memorial where I saw it. My first thought was Rose Breasted Grosbeak, but it's kind of late for them here, let alone the weird location. Any ideas??
  10. Clarification-Song Sparrow?

    Okay, thanks! I've been seeing him at my feeders now too. I'm just glad to see anything that isn't invasive haha. Like I said, the house sparrows are normally the only ones living in those bushes.
  11. I'm pretty sure this is a song sparrow, but I'd really like to be sure, as it's currently residing in one of the bushes outside and I rarely see anything more than a mere house sparrow in those. I saw this guy at around 3:30, 4 ish on Friday, in a suburban area right outside of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). It Had snowed about two and a half inches at this point, and i had sprinkled some food out under the awnings (where it wouldn't snow). He had very clear but heavy streaking on his belly, but I couldn't quite get a shot of that :/
  12. House sparrows? Texas 78070 on 12-16-2017

    House Sparrows, pretty clear giveaway. Note the gray cap!
  13. Hi! I'm looking to attract goldfinches, cardinals, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and the such. I'm trying to look through Amazon, but it's all so foreign to me. If you could give me some insight, that'd be really nice! I already have just a regular tube feeder (basically this https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS8PpAEFyaxTxuTlMI-tNhechM2k6HZSfmdwc50a3_RhEGu7uoF but without the caging, the picture I was going to link was gigantic so I just used this one), but the only feeders I can find on Amazon are big things in the shape of churches and stuff, and I just don't care about that stuff. I just want a normal feeder that will do it's job and hold up nicely.
  14. ? Woodhouse's scrub jay

    Yup, looks like a Northern Mockingbird
  15. I went to the Wagner free institute of science in Philadelphia (http://www.wagnerfreeinstitute.org/museum.shtml) last year, which has a huge collection of taxidermied birds, including multiple types of wrens