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  1. Accipiter help?

    Ah, great! Gnatcatchers and kinglets are always cool! I know my little sister loves the tree swallows, so she'll be happy about that. Thanks!
  2. There were at least two of these running around on the ground at Mount Lemmon, March 19th 2018 in the afternoon, probably somewhere from 2-4 pm. I know the photo quality sucks. My first thought was house wren, but I'm not from Arizona and forgot rock wrens existed lol. (Sidenote: My laptop really messed with that quality ack)
  3. Flycatcher or tanager

    Vermilion Flycatcher.
  4. Wren @ Mount Lemmon AZ

  5. Rufous? April 2018 in zip 78070

    Ruby or Black chinned seconded. A male rufous hummingbird would have a noticeable patch, or gorget, on it's throat, and a female would have noticeable spots on hers in place of that. This hummingbird has a pretty clear throat.
  6. Accipiter help?

    I'm planning on going to Heinz soon, did you see anything else interesting?
  7. Bird song

    Yup, that sounds like a tufted titmouse call.
  8. Who is the singer??

    Sounds like a song sparrow
  9. Sparrow-like, black throat

    That is quite an amazing shot of a house sparrow wow
  10. Wren @ Mount Lemmon AZ

    After googling more about them I realize this was probably a rock wren, confirmation would be appreciated!
  11. Wren @ Mount Lemmon AZ

    I'm thinking that beak is a little too long
  12. White sparrow or albino finch or other?

    Wow, that's super super cool
  13. Little fellas in the flowers

    Bushtits! I just saw my first few of these a couple days ago, so cute!
  14. Another House Finch or Purple Finch?

    That's a house finch. An easy way for me to tell if it's just a house finch is to look for (in males): Prominent streaking at the chest/belly Brown, or at least, more muted coloring on their head Lack of light "eyebrow"/s
  15. Another raptor

    Looks like a northern harrier
  16. White Throated Sparrow?

    Yeah, that's a song sparrow
  17. What type of Hawk (Goshawk)

    I agree, avery gorgeous red shoulder
  18. Yesterday I put out my motion activated camera for the first time! Here are some of my favorites-
  19. Bird Photo Booth 2.0 Day 1

    I use this camera with this matching accessory kit/weather-proofed box. It takes some time to get familiar with it and it can be very finicky, but it does exactly what it's supposed to do, and well. These pictures were taken with bottom regular lens on the box (purely because I couldn't figure out how to position it at the macro right), but I have been taking videos with the Macro. You can check out some of my pictures @ https://twitter.com/picadeedee , and I post my videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpUAo9ZUj2mZJ-PUH8m_f1w?view_as=subscriber
  20. Today, a red bellied wood pecker decided to try and eat from my tiny feeder filled with mostly black oil sunflower seeds, while nothing had come anywhere near the 3 cakes of suet ( as well as two dried grapefruit skins and a hollowed out piece of bread filled with home made suet) I have had out for a good 5 days now. This got me wondering what would be your guys' most out-of-place type of bird to eat from your feeders?
  21. Arizona bird with eye ring

    Yup, I'd go townsends solitaire
  22. Hi! I'm looking to attract goldfinches, cardinals, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and the such. I'm trying to look through Amazon, but it's all so foreign to me. If you could give me some insight, that'd be really nice! I already have just a regular tube feeder (basically this https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS8PpAEFyaxTxuTlMI-tNhechM2k6HZSfmdwc50a3_RhEGu7uoF but without the caging, the picture I was going to link was gigantic so I just used this one), but the only feeders I can find on Amazon are big things in the shape of churches and stuff, and I just don't care about that stuff. I just want a normal feeder that will do it's job and hold up nicely.
  23. What is your favorite bird?

    Wait wait wait I take it back I take it all back my favorite bird is the frickin blue bellied roller he is gorgeous
  24. Well, after a few days, the house sparrows definitely dispelled a ton in the front yard, and so far I can go a good two weeks without having to fill the majority of the feeders. Now we get a good variety of different birds out front-there's one or two house finches that like it there, the house sparrows occasionally will munch, but mostly we get lots of chickadees and titmice, which barely eat much. I love those guys. Today we're getting a two day long snow storm that's attracting all types of birds to my feeders now- cardinals (which I wasn't expecting since a sharpie stopped by yesterday morning and demolished one- the poor girls feathers are still out there), dark eyed juncos (a yard bird for me!), white throated and song sparrows (which we had before, but I still find them cool), and even a carolina wren, another yard bird!! I have a bunch of feeders out front right now since the house sparrows have calmed down+I really don't feel like having to go all the way to the back in this weather. I've been putting feeders that I know will attract birds that are relatively okay with my presence in the front, while trying to attract the more shy birds out back, but since it's so hard to monitor from that distance I set up my bird cam at those feeders. I think I'm getting into a nice schedule and plan. When the weather get's better I'll probably be moving a lot more feeders to the back. Still super happy about that wren!!!
  25. I currently have two feeders out; one really expensive squirrel blocking one (the kind that drops when there's too much weight on the perch) in the backyard and one really cheap-y tube feeder out front; they have the same exact seeds in them, except the one out front is completely Invaded by house sparrows and the occasional song sparrow, while the one out back (that I put by some thistle-y type bushes) brings in goldfinches (predictably), cardinals, house finches and chickadees mainly; I don't think I've ever seen a house sparrow in the back. I really want to stop putting out the feeder in the front if the HOSPs are just going to chow down so quickly on it, and put a bunch more in the back, but I'm worried they will just move back there instead and I'll never see much of anything else