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  1. LBJ Devil's Tower 2016

    Did you consider a worn adult sage thrasher? Maybe to late in the year.
  2. Can anyone help with these id's? #1 Is this a Rusty Blackbird? #2 This was around some Common Gallinules. It might be a Gallinule, but it just looks funny to me. I can't think of anything else it could be. #3 ???
  3. Is this a warbler? Anyone know what kind?
  4. Another ?? Sparrow

    Looks like a song sparrow to me.
  5. glossy ibis

    The colors are not very clear, but I'd say yes to Glossy Ibis for #2 and #3. I'd guess little blue heron for #1 and #4. Again colors are not clear enough for me to tell for sure though. See what others think. Here is a little blue heron that I saw earlier this year.
  6. Taken yesterday in Kentucky.
  7. Sparrow or Warbler?

    I'd say field sparrow.
  8. Couple More IDs

    Thanks Gis. Does anyone know what kind of oriole? I had thought it was a female bullock's oriole. Does that look right?
  9. Sora or Virginia Rail?

    I must agree that the shape and coloration are not correct for the Sora. It seems the consensus is 100% defiantly not a Sora and most say Starling. I agree that shape and body posture are spot on for a Starling. All the colors match a starling but I have never see one with a black head or barring but it may have just been molting funny. I will tag this as Starling. Thanks for your help everyone!
  10. Couple More IDs

    #1 Near Sequoia National Park CA In June #2 Santa Rosa New Mexico June
  11. Sora or Virginia Rail?

    I appreciate everybody's help! Based on the feedback I don't think I will be able to mark Sora off my list lol. I really don't think it was a Starling though. I was with two other people when I saw this and all agreed that the stomach was defiantly barred. I have never see a Starling with a horizontal barred stomach pattern. Only spots like the image above. As for posture I do think the posture could be because it is unusual for it to perch similar to the image below?
  12. Sora or Virginia Rail?

    Yes. It is a telephone wire. When I saw it was on a gravel road and was spooked up onto the phone line. It sat there for a second and flew away (hence the only photo). There was a swampy area right next to were we were which is where it flew. I see starlings everyday all stages. Whatever it was you can rule out starling 100%. Like I said it had black and white barring or streaking like the rails. It was not spotted like the starlings. The photo was taken in late June 2015.
  13. Thanks to everyone who has helped ID the images I have posted. I don't mean to flood the message board, as I said earlier I've been birding a couple years. Just joined the site yesterday and I am slowly posting the images that I have not IDed. This photo is two years old and I've never been satisfied with what it is. The image may be to fuzzy for you to help. This bird was in eastern Kansas. It not completely clear in the image but it defiantly had barring underneath. I believe it is a Sora, but have also thought Virginia Rail. Or I may be totally off base. Any ideas?
  14. Birds from Florida September 2017

    Thank you both! I thought the chest markings for #2 looked like the Ruddy Turnstone. When I saw Ruddy Turnstones earlier in the year they had more brown so I wasn't quite sure.