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  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/156275593@N04/38967968390/in/dateposted-public/ Do I have the correct ID on this?
  2. Really Ugly Goldfinch?

    Yes, a molting American Goldfinch.
  3. Saw these yesterday in High Point, NC. Are these Red Breasted Mergansers? Top right corner in first image might be a Pied Billed Grebe?
  4. LBJ Devil's Tower 2016

    Did you consider a worn adult sage thrasher? Maybe to late in the year.
  5. Can anyone help with these id's? #1 Is this a Rusty Blackbird? #2 This was around some Common Gallinules. It might be a Gallinule, but it just looks funny to me. I can't think of anything else it could be. #3 ???
  6. Is this a warbler? Anyone know what kind?
  7. Another ?? Sparrow

    Looks like a song sparrow to me.
  8. glossy ibis

    The colors are not very clear, but I'd say yes to Glossy Ibis for #2 and #3. I'd guess little blue heron for #1 and #4. Again colors are not clear enough for me to tell for sure though. See what others think. Here is a little blue heron that I saw earlier this year.
  9. Taken yesterday in Kentucky.
  10. Sparrow or Warbler?

    I'd say field sparrow.
  11. Couple More IDs

    Thanks Gis. Does anyone know what kind of oriole? I had thought it was a female bullock's oriole. Does that look right?
  12. Sora or Virginia Rail?

    I must agree that the shape and coloration are not correct for the Sora. It seems the consensus is 100% defiantly not a Sora and most say Starling. I agree that shape and body posture are spot on for a Starling. All the colors match a starling but I have never see one with a black head or barring but it may have just been molting funny. I will tag this as Starling. Thanks for your help everyone!
  13. Couple More IDs

    #1 Near Sequoia National Park CA In June #2 Santa Rosa New Mexico June
  14. Sora or Virginia Rail?

    I appreciate everybody's help! Based on the feedback I don't think I will be able to mark Sora off my list lol. I really don't think it was a Starling though. I was with two other people when I saw this and all agreed that the stomach was defiantly barred. I have never see a Starling with a horizontal barred stomach pattern. Only spots like the image above. As for posture I do think the posture could be because it is unusual for it to perch similar to the image below?