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  1. Is this a Rufous-Winged Sparrow

    There were about 30, all identical. Common to see that many immature white-crowned sparrows without any recognizable adult's in the mix?
  2. Hawk or Harrier

    Excellent, thank you both!
  3. Hawk or Harrier

    Thank you for the ID help
  4. This was near St. George, Utah (Southern) in very scrubby habitat. Peterson's doesn't show the range extending into Utah.
  5. Thought I was seeing a moorhen? Thanks for having a look

    Indeed it is, thank you!
  6. This was the Lee Kay Ponds, in Salt Lake City, Utah on 10/31/2017. There's often cormorants here which was my firth thought when I saw a bird sitting low in the water and diving, but the bill really threw me. There were at least 8 of them in the same pond, but I couldn't get very close for a decent shot.