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  1. Dusky-capped or Ash-throated?

    Ash-Throated! The underside is a faded yellow, and the feathers are a brownish-grey. Dusky-Capped have more brown feathers, and the yellow is more discreet. Happy birding!
  2. AZ flycatcher help

    MerMaeve! We have minds alike! I was going to say that, but had to study for a math test for school. Thanks for being so active! Almost every single post on the forums, I see you in the comments!
  3. I would say it's a Leucistic Canada Goose. Some have black beaks, I think this is one of the orange-beaked hybrids!
  4. White-rumped Shama (Thailand vs Hawaii)

    I don't think either are White-Rumped Shamas! The first picture had a little longer tail than one and a dull orange when Shamas are supposed to have bright orange undersides. But that might be because its color faded away by the sun, or some other reason. Its rare for White-Rumped Shamas to have dull orange belly, but it could happen. The second picture, well, the color of its wings are a dull light brown, and White-Rumped Shamas are supposed to be fully black, its tail isn't quite long enough, and I see a bit of a blue shine in its neck feathers. Also, the underside of its tail is white, when its supposed to be black. I'll do a bit more research and get back to you! Good luck!
  5. AZ flycatcher help

    I would say it is either an Ash-Throated Flycatcher, or a Great Crested Flycatcher. More of an Ash-Throated, since the underside is a faded yellow, but I can't see much of a crest...
  6. Please Identify

    I agree with you, but I think it just looks like Ring-billed. It has the same white dots on the tips of its wing as Ring-billed, although the top of its wings look a bit darker (In the last picture). But that might be the lighting. The last as a Laughing, the angle of its wings are down so I can't tell if it has the white spots, but wasn't this the same Gull the whole time? If it wasn't, then the last is most likely a Laughing female, considering its wings are darker on top and it doesn't have white spots (That I can see of). If you can remember the Gull from the last picture's head and it had glay splats all over it, it might be a female Laughing! If it's head was dark grey or black, it was a male Laughing.