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  1. Not Jack Sparrow

    I wouldn't know how to eliminate song or savannah or on the first bird.
  2. There is a subspecies within the Oregon group that looks a lot like this bird. I think this bird, however, is either a strange female slate-colored or a Oregon x Slate-colored intergrade, or a Pink-sided x slate-colored intergrade. It doesn't look to me like a pure pink-sided.
  3. Coopers Hawk? Age? Thanks!

    Adult by orange barring, not dark streaks, on breast
  4. Not Jack Sparrow

    Savannah Sparrow and American Pipit
  5. This week in Alabama

    3 is a red-shouldered hawk
  6. This Weak in Alabama

    All right
  7. Confirm Scaup, Bufflehead & Goldeneye

    The female on the left in the second pic looks like it could be a Greater.
  8. Black Mystery Birds

    I agree with Brown-headed Cowbird.
  9. Help! ONT Birds

    ^^ I agree
  10. Sparrow

    Yes, a vesper. Rufous shoulder, streaky breast, and white eye ring. White outer tail feathers help too, in flight.
  11. Snow goose or Ross's goose?

    I think this bird is a good candidate for a hybrid between the two. The grin patch is there, but not prominent enough for a pure Snow, and the beak/head is small/rounded, but not quite enough for a pure Ross's.
  12. Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk?

    You are most definitely correct
  13. http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S41810913
  14. Razorbills? Cape Cod 12/31

  15. Did you turn the color up? Second from the right is patterned like a male House Sparrow, but with a bright yellow bellow. The red one on the left is also different, but I can't tell from this pic.