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  1. This week in Alabama

    3 is a red-shouldered hawk
  2. This Weak in Alabama

    All right
  3. Confirm Scaup, Bufflehead & Goldeneye

    The female on the left in the second pic looks like it could be a Greater.
  4. Black Mystery Birds

    I agree with Brown-headed Cowbird.
  5. Help! ONT Birds

    ^^ I agree
  6. Sparrow

    Yes, a vesper. Rufous shoulder, streaky breast, and white eye ring. White outer tail feathers help too, in flight.
  7. Snow goose or Ross's goose?

    I think this bird is a good candidate for a hybrid between the two. The grin patch is there, but not prominent enough for a pure Snow, and the beak/head is small/rounded, but not quite enough for a pure Ross's.
  8. Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk??

    You are most definitely correct
  9. http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S41810913
  10. Razorbills? Cape Cod 12/31

  11. Did you turn the color up? Second from the right is patterned like a male House Sparrow, but with a bright yellow bellow. The red one on the left is also different, but I can't tell from this pic.
  12. Unknown Goose: Canada x Snow?

    One possibility is a Canada Goose with pigment issues, although the bill color should still be dark. Another is that it is a hybrid with a domestic goose. A hybrid with snow should be a lot smaller, and show more snow goose characteristics.
  13. What is your 3 Best Lifers?

    1. Fieldfare (First Montana record!) 2. Green Jay 3. Common Pauraque
  14. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I'm shooting for 200 this year. Botswana in August should be good for most of those!
  15. What gulls?

    Ring-billed is most likely, especially in those numbers.