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  1. Wich Dowitcher?

    Here's an article that explains this well, http://www.surfbirds.com/ID Articles/dowitchers1005/dowitchers.html Here's the specific quote, "Tail feather pattern is one plumage feature that is believed not to change significantly with age. It is often cited as a very reliable field mark (Wilds, 1990; Jaramillo et al., 1991; Jaramillo and Henshaw, 1995): on Short-billed, the white (or buff in alternate plumage) bars on the tail feathers are reported to be as wide or slightly wider than the black bars (Fig. 8) whereas on Long-billed, the black bars are wider than the white (or buff in alternate plumage) bars, sometimes even twice as wide "(Fig. 3). Edit: I just realized your photos are from California, which would mean you'd have likely have the pacific subspecies of SBDO, so there is possible overlap between this subspecie of SBDO and LBDO when it comes to this feature according to article 2'nd edit: MerMaeve, if you zoom in close enough you can make out the tail pattern
  2. Wich Dowitcher?

    The leftmost bird appears to have more white than black on tail, which would indicate Short-billed Dowitcher
  3. What kind of duck?

  4. glaucous gulls? NEW PHOTOS ADDED

    Look like pretty generic Herring Gulls to me
  5. Another pound of Ducks

    Oops, didn't see location. So yeah, Pied-billed Grebe
  6. Horned Grebe or Eared Grebe?

    I'll second Horned Grebe. Large, thick bill, white neck and flanks and the peak of the crown happens behind the eye
  7. Please help with Duck ID

    This is a Ruddy Duck
  8. Another pound of Ducks

    I’m almost getting a Red-necked Grebe impression on the first bird
  9. Lesser Black-backed Gull?

    The legs probably look a little off, as this bird appears to be a 3’rd winter bird and hasn’t got those completely yellow legs coming in quite yet
  10. Cooper's hawk?

  11. Help with shore bird

    This is a Spotted Sandpiper
  12. ID Help Please

    I second Purple Finch
  13. Loon sp. - Ontario

    Looks pretty good for Pacific. The shorter, thinner bill, more rounded head and lack of white compared to common, black necklace and very dark back back are all good signs for Pacific
  14. help with a few ID's please

    To my eyes, I just don't see a pure Ross's Goose. The bill doesn't seem stubby enough and triangular and the bill still appears rather concave than straight at the base of the bill. The head isn't very rounded, the forehead isn't very steep and the neck seems much too long. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I just feel it's not safe to call it a pure Ross's and seems better fit for a hybrid.
  15. Teal?

    I'd say Blue-winged Teal. Told apart from Green-winged by longer, thick bill and white at the base of the bill.