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  1. Brown Bird

    Mendocino County California February 2018
  2. What woodpecker is this?

    Thanks so much for the id! Thanks for the extra info! Learning more every day. I just loved the way his feathers were standing up on top of his head. Thanks! I appreciate it. The light was bouncing around like crazy and it was between sunny and snowstorms so I went 'hunting' with the camera. Was rewarded with this little guy. Thanks for the info!
  3. Falcon?

    Thanks for the extra info. Awesome.
  4. Falcon?

    Taken in a snowstorm. February 2018. Mendocino County California.
  5. February 2018. Mendocino County, California.
  6. Taken February 2018. Mendocino County, California.
  7. Teal?

    Interesting. There was another drake mallard in the pond with no signs of molting.
  8. Teal?

    That made me wonder too. The photo was taken April 10th. A hen and ducklings were nearby in another pond. Maybe they are early in this particular area? Climate?
  9. Teal?

    I was going through some older photos and looked at that and said "What???". With blue and green feathers on the head I wasn't sure. Thanks for the help.
  10. Photo taken San Diego Zoo, California. 2016
  11. I think you might be right. I just couldn't remember what they were called. Thank you.
  12. Teal?

    Photo taken San Diego Zoo, California. Some wild ducks had made themselves at home in the Flamingo Pond. April 2016
  13. Curious what sort of berry(?) this bird is eating. Mendocino County California January 2017.
  14. Little Bird

    It was a foggy day, but I still took my camera out. I was rewarded.
  15. Little Bird

    Mendocino County California January 2017