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  1. Black Sea Bird

    I am uncertain of this bird. Taken Mendocino County, California in March. Another question is the color of the back and wings. I am seeing a green shimmer on it. Is that a camera aberration due to high noise, or is this part of the color of the bird. Thanks in advance.
  2. Turkey Vulture?

  3. Red-Shouldered Hawk

    @bearcat6 Nice shot!
  4. Little Brown/Grey Bird

    Interesting! Thanks.
  5. Little Brown/Grey Bird

    Very interesting, Thanks.
  6. Little Brown/Grey Bird

    Thank you all. It looked like a sparrow, but just the tuft of white/black on the side of the head made me wonder.
  7. Taken Mendocino County, California in March.
  8. Red-Shouldered Hawk

    @Bird Brain Thanks! I wasn't certain whether I had gotten a decent shot of it until I reviewed my images. Well worth my 4 hour photo excursion. The light was great today as it shifted from fog to partially cloudy skies. Just being out of the office and listening to the birds and frogs was awesome.
  9. Photo taken March 2018. Mendocino County, California. http://bellspringsphotography.com/img/s2/v73/p2776820370-5.jpg
  10. Canadian geese on cliff

    I acknowledge the language lessons, but I think errors can be pointed out gently,. I came to this site because I wanted to learn more. I am not an expert by any means, nor have I ever claimed to be. I hope to continue to learn. I have a great respect for those who pass on knowledge with kindness. You are ambassadors to those who are just trying birding. Your encouragement is a great help. I am only human after all. I appreciate those who took the time to answer my question.
  11. Canadian geese on cliff

    Thank you Drake. My camera was being a llttle bit finicky but I at least got a few shots.
  12. Canadian geese on cliff

    They were nesting on this high "rock"? with cliff faces all around. It was completely surrounded by water. There were at least two adults sitting with goslings near and under them. I was so startled as I was just trying to get some ocean shots and did not expect to see them. I had my long lens so was able to pull the photo in. I am not certain whether this is a regular thing or not. As a safety thing it would be an ideal nest, but it was a long way down to the water and the rocks down below.
  13. Canadian geese on cliff

    I am sorry I did not get my punctuation correct. I was speaking of the birds in the plural. I had always heard them called Canadian Geese. I am sorry it bugged you. I am still a fairly new member and I am learning as I go.
  14. Canadian Geese

    Thanks so much!
  15. Canadian Geese

    I thought I might have put the question I had iunder the wrong topic and could not figure out how to move it from one to another or to delete the other one. Still have the question about whether it is unusual for canadian geese to nest in cliffs over the ocean. Thanks.