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  1. Yes, I had also considered a Domestic x Canada - but have no idea how to either rule it out or prove it. I can take more pictures - none of my pictures show the legs. I am very reluctant to keep it as a GWFG x CG if there's a possibility that it is a Domestic x Canada - I'll try for more pictures (its going to rain in an hour - maybe I can get a few in).
  2. That bird looks similar (but even more like a GWFG - there is more white as the base of the bill). Could be the same one.
  3. Is it possible to share ebird checklist links here? If so - there is a better picture here: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S41440455
  4. Wish I could share the higher rez photo.
  5. OK - I'll accept that - what about the neck coloring? - that's not Canada Goose coloring - its just like a GWFG neck. Is the Leucisim working there to just remove melanin pigments leaving the greybrown? BTW the horrible 20KB limit on pictures makes that picture almost unbearable to look at - the original picture show a smooth colored neck which looks the same as a GWFG.
  6. Only on the face? I've also seen other pictures of GWFG/CG hybrids that look almost identical to this one (that doesn't make them correct).
  7. Photo taken December 30, 2017 at Gog-Le-Hi-Ti Mitigated wetlands in Tacoma. A Greater White Fronted Goose is often reported here by others but I've never seen it - this goose I've seen a few times mixed in with the Canada Geese - it's the same size as the Canada Geese (Greater White Fronted Goose is smaller). Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?
  8. Angina or Cormorant?

    My Bad.
  9. Angina or Cormorant?

    Apparently there was a quadruple bypass. After looking at a group shot of the 8 'Cormorants' - 4 of them were Anhingas. None had double rows of buttons down the front and nothing appeared wrong with their pericardinal sacs. Off to fix an ebird entry.
  10. Angina or Cormorant?

    Did anyone catch that Northern Pericardinal that flew over?
  11. Angina or Cormorant?

    I am so sick of spell checkers
  12. Angina or Cormorant?

    Wonder why I wrote that. Lol.
  13. Angina or Cormorant?

    Thanks everyone. Off to change my ebird entry.
  14. Angina or Cormorant?

    Took this picture Dec 26, 2017 at Flat Creek PFA, Georgia, US. Assumed it was Double- Breasted Cormorant... but after looking at the throat coloring am wondering if it's an Anhinga, which is rare here at this time of year. There were at least 8 DB Cormorants on the lake today.