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  1. What Type of Goose? Minnesota River

    I had the same problem with uploads - WhatBird has a 'total' limit - it's all of your uploads added together - remove some of your older photos and you will have room again.
  2. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    yep, the discussion has changed my mind to Gadwell - great discussion.
  3. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    Canvasbacks do have the white secondary patch... see figure above. Gadwalls do not have a darker neck and the head isn't red - which can be seen in the original photos.
  4. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    Looking at bill shape and head shape first they look good for a Canvasback - the newer and older photos have nearly identical bill/head/neck shapes. Additionally, you can see in all photos a reddish head, a dark bill, a dark neck, a light body, a dark tail, darker primaries, and in the photos in question a white mark on the wings (which Canvasbacks have). The older pictures of the Canvasbacks look identical to the new pictures with the difference being that the newer pictures are blurry - but possessing the same fieldmarks. Looks good for a Canvasback for me.
  5. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    Sure looks like a Canvasback to me. Bill shape, head color (brown with darker neck), white secondaries, darker underside primaries/secondaries, dark tail. There is nothing that says "not" a canvasback to me.
  6. Eared Grebe?

    Agree. The black on a Horned Grebe goes straight back - with a possible upper cut on the back.
  7. Bird Identification Help

    Red Breasted Merganser to me.
  8. Junco subspecies

    Last photo - Female Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon).
  9. Silhouette of raptor

    Thanks - that's a good consensus!!
  10. Silhouette of raptor

    I added another picture on my ebird checklist - I worked the color a little bit and managed to bring out some bars in the wings and a little color on the head: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S42594341 With the latest picture enhanced I'm leaning Northern Harrier, fairly common. Tentatively I have this as a Red Shouldered.
  11. Silhouette of raptor

    There have been a few seen around here once in a great while. It may have been passing through. What makes you say Buteo? I'm submitting this to ebird and I can't begin to explain the ID. Can you explain how to rule out the more common possiblities? Red-Tailed for example. It is a bit north of its geographic area.
  12. Silhouette of raptor

    RTH seems to fit. I did see one five minutes later, though it looked completely different - distinctive red tail and all. This one seems to have no 'color' underneath. Just shades of grey. I saw both of them at about the same spot in the sky so they were both backlit about the same. That being said they could easily have both been RTH.
  13. Silhouette of raptor

    That was my initial thought - but aren't the wings not long enough? While this is a silhouette looking at it (backlit) gave the impression of mostly grey underneath - though given the lighting this morning who knows.
  14. Silhouette of raptor

    Ft. Steilacoom Park, Washington - 9 Feb 2018. First picture shows a crow in hot pursuit.
  15. Northern Saw-whet Owl, or Northern Pygmy Owl?

    @douginBC: yes, and that tail is why I ruled out Western Screech Owl.