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  1. at this point in time - I will not analyze my photos for you and I will not analyze your photos for you but I will try and name the species. In this case I cannot manage the species. it is just not a Merlin and not  Cooper’s. I am sorry also. Nelson.

  2. Merlin? Young Sharpie/Coop?

    this photo is certainly not a Cooper’s Hawk.
  3. Sharp-shinned? Red-shouldered??

    Sean- I suggest you get that photo into the hands of an authority on accipiters. the hawk appears to be a female Goshawk. Nelson Briefer. what is that bird doing in Florida? Find the falconer who lost the hawk!
  4. Large Hawk-like Bird-Pennsylvania

    I say there is little doubt that this large accipiter is a northern goshawk and is a female and is mature. Nelson briefer Anacortes WA. I am a new subscriber.