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  1. #1 has a Pectoral Sandpiper on the right.
  2. redcoot

    Sandpiper Near Portage, AK

    I agree with both being Least!
  3. redcoot


  4. redcoot

    Greater Yellowlegs?

    I agree with Greater yellowlegs.
  5. redcoot

    Sandpipers flying

    G looks like a Sanderling.
  6. redcoot

    Shorebirds in Anchorage AK

    I agree with Solitary Sandpiper.
  7. On Sunday, April 29th, 2018, I observed this bird at a mudflat in Honolulu, HI (more location details on ebird checklist). After a bit of discussion, it is believed to be a Buff-breasted Sandpiper. Can anyone here confirm? https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S45090175 Thanks in advance!
  8. redcoot

    Grebe(s) + a few more

    I agree, and in photo #5, I think I can barely make out an American Wigeon. Edit: All of #5 might actually be American Wigeon.
  9. redcoot

    White-rumped sandpiper?

    I agree. You can see a bit of yellow on the bill if you zoom in enough.
  10. redcoot

    Confirm Least Sandpiper?

    Looks good!
  11. redcoot

    What Sandpipers

    I agree with Western Sandpipers.
  12. redcoot

    Cackling Geese, Anchorage AK

    I agree with Cackling Goose. Awesome photos!
  13. redcoot

    Stilt Sandpiper?

    I agree with Stilt Sandpiper. Cool photo!
  14. redcoot

    Brown or curved billed thrasher?

    I would lean towards Brown Thrasher, but wait for what others have to say. I have little experience with these species.