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  1. American Goldfinch?

    I also agree. Looks more like a Lesser.
  2. Mystery Sparrow

    Oops! Sorry, Clark County Nevada.
  3. They all have more "rounded" heads, suggesting Greater Scaup.
  4. Mystery Sparrow

    I was going through some of the photos I took in December, and I came across a picture of some kind of sparrow. It was seen on December 28, 2017 at the Clark County Wetlands Park. My best guess would be that it is a White-crowned Sparrow. It may not be identifiable by my photos alone, but any help would be appreciated! Here is a cropped and zoomed in version. Thanks!
  5. brown bird with a heavy lower jaw?

    Looks like a House finch with a heavily deformed bill.
  6. Mixed Bag - Merlin, RT Loon, Grebe, Ducks

    The grebe looks like a Horned, and the ducks seem correct too!
  7. Bewick's Wren?

    I saw this wren in a backyard in Altadena, California. I am guessing that it is a Bewick's wren, but am not 100% confident. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Uh-oh, gulls!

    I saw many gulls in California, but am not able to identify them. These were some of the gulls at the Whittier Narrows Rec area on January 2nd, and I am absolutely clueless! What are they? Earlier on in the day, we saw this hungry bird at the Almansor Park. What is he/she? Thanks!
  9. Ross's Geese Questioning

    Yeah, sometimes those grins can be confusing!
  10. Ross's Geese Questioning

    For the (absolutely adorable ) goose, the smaller grin definitely suggests that a Ross's Goose is involved, although I am not sure if this is some kind of hybrid.
  11. Western Grebe?

    I saw this lone grebe at the Whittier Narrows Rec Area on January 2nd, 2017. I am guessing Western based on the extensive black on the face, but don't quite yet know how to distinguish it from a Clarks Grebe. I have more photos if anyone needs them. Thanks!
  12. Unknown Goose: Canada x Snow?

    Ah, I see now! Thanks!
  13. Unknown Goose: Canada x Snow?

    What about a blue form Snow Goose?
  14. Greater Scaup?

    Based on how rounded the head is, I would lean towards Greater.
  15. Seeking Help with Sandpiper IDs

    Looks good for Western and Least!