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  1. What Gull? LI NY

    I agree with young Ring-billed, but wait for the thoughts of others.
  2. Hybrid duck?

    I agree with Lesser Scaup.
  3. Greater Scaup?

    I agree with Sean. Nice photos!
  4. Scalp help

    I agree with lesser. Overall, the head gives off a "peaked" appearance.
  5. Scaup

    I agree with Sean C.
  6. Gadwall?

    Looks good!
  7. Mottled, Mallard, Hybrid?

    The individual with the clear yellow bill does look like a pure Mottled, but you should wait for the input of others.
  8. Cackling or Canada?

    I would lean towards Canada too, but wait for the input of others. Lesser Canada Geese can be quite confusing!
  9. Sandpipers

    Can you recall the color of the second bird's legs and its size?
  10. What Type of Goose? Minnesota River

    Try Greater-white Fronted goose or Domestic Greylag Goose. Edit: Make a flickr account, upload the images to it, and post the link here. It worked for me!
  11. I took this photo on January 3rd, in an Altadena backyard. Is it a Ruby-crowned Kinglet (top right corner of the photo)? Thanks in advance!
  12. Greater Scaup?

    I agree with Lesser, due to the peaked head.