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  1. Falcon?

    Agree american kestrel
  2. Snow Goose

    Saw this bird yesterday afternoon in St. Catharines, Ontario. The dark bill is throwing me off. It did have pink legs when I saw it get up and walk through my binoculars. This is a snow goose right? https://www.flickr.com/photos/159652984@N07/shares/5G88N5
  3. I've been to Phoenix several times for golf and was always baffled by a certain call I would hear. Finally saw the culprit - great-tailed grackle. They have all kinds of loud calls. Look them up, it could be what you are hearing.
  4. Pine Grosbeak?

    Thanks all! The size fooled me in the field. I didn't think of a finch cause it appeared to be much bigger.
  5. Bird Call

    Song sparrow?
  6. Pine Grosbeak?

    This one was way high up in the trees. Couldn't get a look at the wings. I think it's a pine grosbeak. Taken last July near Mitchell, Ontario.
  7. Grebes

    Great thanks!
  8. Grebes

    Hi. What kind of grebes do I have here? These are firsts for me. 1st and 2nd photo birds were the same area. 3rd photo a different spot. All photos were taken in the area of Port Weller pier, Ontario (St. Catharines). My guess in the field on 1st photo was horned grebe winter plumage. Not sure on 3rd photo or if it was possibly a loon.
  9. Flycatcher?

    Great photo!
  10. Eastern Phoebe?

    Thank you
  11. Eastern Phoebe?

    Hi, Looking for confirmation that this is an eastern phoebe. Taken back in October, Long Point, Ontario, inner bay. Thanks!
  12. Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned?

    I'm going to guess sharp-shinned as it appears the tail feathers are all same length. Anyone confirm?
  13. Hawk id

    Thanks! Really getting back into birding. Id skills are pretty good although the birds of prey, gulls and shorebirds i have troubles with.
  14. Hawk id

    Thank you! First one for me in the wild.