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  1. Some sort of Goldfinch? In new mexico

    Thanks All! Yes we plan on staying in New Mexico. It’s the first time i have seen an Evening Grosbeak on my birdcam, they have never landed in the area where I have it pointed.
  2. Hi all; you helped me before do here goes... this bird showed up today on my birdcam. I was thinking some kind of goldfinch? I am new to birding. This is the first new bird in months so spring is here or close!
  3. NM bird? New 2 Birding

    Thanks everyone. Same species different varieties. I saw these two today. Last two pics are the same bird.
  4. Hi; I am new to birding and have placed a Camera near our bird feeder to capture birds on film so I can more easily identify the birds that stop by. I have managed to identify most but the attached two which I think are the same species can can’t. Can someone help? The first two pics are the same bird. NMZephers