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  1. Three word game

    Of no return
  2. Three word game

    of an obstacle
  3. What did you see today?

    I saw A LOT of dark eyed junkos today mainly. Quite a few cardinals as well. The finches were out some, but only this afternoon. A few bluebirds, until it quit snowing. I recently started putting peanut butter on a couple fence posts, and that sure caught the bluebirds attention!
  4. Dark Eyed Junko

    Thanks, I've been slowly getting more curious about bird behaviour, and it's kinda addictive now.
  5. Dark Eyed Junko

    I was curious if anyone could enlighten me on the feeding habits of a Junko. I see them feeding on the ground constantly, and fly into bushes when starteld. I've never seen them on an actual feeder though. Thanks for any info.
  6. Landscape and Scenery photographs!

    Beaver Lake Blackburn Arm Overlook https://plus.google.com/109892695865884551025/posts/gw3J2P38w49
  7. Landscape and Scenery photographs!

    Ozark National Forest One of several formations on the Pedestal Rocks traill near Sandgap, Ar..
  8. Landscape and Scenery photographs!

    Two bulls I caught sparring in Boxley Valley along the Buffalo River in Arkansas.
  9. Landscape and Scenery photographs!

    Crystal Lake outside of Gravettte, Ar.
  10. A male Northern Cardinal was the last bird I saw for 2017, and the first for 2018.
  11. Lunch

    Bella Vista, Ar. https://plus.google.com/109892695865884551025/posts/6a3vdQSU8xR This Carolina Wren is chowing down on some PB
  12. Reflection pictures

    Bella Vista, Ar. This sucker was tearing up the suet like it was candy.