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  1. Lunch

    He's eyeballin' some roadkill
  2. I live in Arkansas and all I can find out about this bird is that it only here for the winter, then heads back up to the NE states. The dark-eyed juncos have left, but these are still very plentiful down south here. How long is their migration period? I thought they'd be gone by now.
  3. I only saw this for a moment, and then it was gone..
  4. Lunch

  5. Cardinals

  6. Lunch

    Feed me!!!
  7. Cardinals

  8. Lunch

  9. Just happened to catch this one after he jumped off the birdbath and had the sun at his back this morning.
  10. Landscape and Scenery photographs!

    Ozark National Forest; another pedestal rock and small bridge/archway formation..
  11. Landscape and Scenery photographs!

    Saw these elk along the Buffalo River ner Ponca, Ar.