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  1. Purple finch?

    Thanks Nicolas!
  2. Purple finch?

    Thanks Guy-incognito for the help in ID and complement on the photo!
  3. Purple finch?

    Thanks Creeker!
  4. Purple finch?

    Think this is a purple finch and not a house finch? Right? Purple finch? First thought this was a house finch but looking more closely, think it is a purple finch. by ricardo00, on Flickr
  5. Hawk attacking a Cooper's Hawk

    Some exciting foreplay when another hawk came straight at him (up in the right corner by ricardo00, on Flickr
  6. Hawk attacking a Cooper's Hawk

    Thanks Bird Brain for the info and complement on the photo!
  7. Hawk attacking a Cooper's Hawk

  8. Is it a juvenile Cooper's attacking or sharp-shinned? Observed at Stanford campus, April 13, 2018. Mom practicing some tough love on her juvenile? by ricardo00, on Flickr Thanks
  9. Thanks Birdbrain, MerMaeve and Tony for your comments!
  10. Sorry only have a video, hope a linkage is okay. Occurred on Stanford campus, Palo Alto CA on Dec. 21 https://richaroth.smugmug.com/Peregrine-falcon-killing-Northern-flicker/