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  1. I was driving 35mph near joint base McGuire Fix Lakehurst. Near a field. They were flying above tree height.
  2. Thank you but still too much black.
  3. Good afternoon, As I was driving to work today 1/1/18 in most southern part of Central New Jersey, I noticed a flock of beautiful birds flying in formation groups. The sky was clear blue. The birds seemed small but maybe larger than a sparrow. They were white with black tipped wings. With each turn I could tell they were white on the top as well. What truly caught my eye though was the shine they gave off in the sky, almost like diamonds flying in the sky. The best way I could describe it was like someone threw diamonds in the sky. It was so beautiful and amazing. Unfortunately I was running late for work and did not have the time to stop for pictures or videos. Does anyone know what these were?