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  1. Raven or Crow?

    Thank you both.
  2. Raven or Crow?

    There were two birds were soaring in circles, and eventually went up pretty far into the sky with almost no flapping which made me think they were ravens instead of crows? Today in NY. First 3 photos are of the first bird, last photo is of the second. https://imgur.com/8SmTchh https://imgur.com/j6Prsww https://imgur.com/dczFGwF https://imgur.com/su3VfN9
  3. Scaup

    Thank you!
  4. Gadwall?

    Thank you
  5. Gadwall?

    Just want to confirm these are gadwall? Taken in NY today. Thanks. https://imgur.com/rrJxxPz https://imgur.com/zqery4u
  6. Scaup

    I know these photos aren't very good, but is it possible to tell lesser or greater? Thanks. IMG_5543 by Anthony Macchiarola, on Flickr IMG_5542 by Anthony Macchiarola, on Flickr
  7. Can't seem to place this (audio)

  8. Can't seem to place this (audio)

  9. Can't seem to place this (audio)

    If you don’t mind me asking, what is the other background call at 4 sec and 5/6 seconds? I hear that a lot and wondered what it is. Thanks.
  10. Grebe - Long Shot

    I’ll certainly defer to you folks...you are way better at this than I am. I have seen grebes on our local reservoirs a handful of times and I was completely sure these were grebes when I saw them, but after you said it the tail is definitely wrong. Only thing is I see hooded mergansers pretty often around here, don’t think I would make that mistake? (Although it wouldn't be the first time I’ve messed up an ID) (MerMaeve, I guess just because I was “sure” doesn’t mean I’m right haha!)
  11. Grebe - Long Shot

    That’s what I thought when I first saw them too. Plus that is the most likely for the area, just wanted to get opinions just in case.
  12. Grebe - Long Shot

    Yeah they were definitely grebes, I saw them pretty clearly before they flew off. (Clear enough to be sure they were grebes, but not sure which grebes) I drove past them, came back in reverse and they started to fly off just as I was zooming in on them. They really weren’t as far away as the photo makes them seem.
  13. I know its a long shot, but is there any way to tell what type of grebe these were by these really bad photos? Taken today in NY. IMG_7554 by Anthony Macchiarola, on Flickr IMG_7553 by Anthony Macchiarola, on Flickr
  14. Is the gull on the left a younger great Black Backed gull? He was noticeably lighter than the one to his right. In CT near the Long Island Sound recently. Thanks. https://imgur.com/eLG5HoG https://imgur.com/qJYcqoU
  15. Please help me identify this bird

    Looks like a Harrier to me, but I don’t know what varieties are found in Argentina.