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  1. Chihuahuan or Common Raven?

    Thank you all very much! All of your inputs were very helpful. I did hear it and based on the comparison of what I heard to Chihuahuan recordings, I believe it was a Chihuahuan. But I know more now thanks to your inputs and will be better prepared next time I see one. Thanks!
  2. Saw this Raven today at Brush Hollow reservoir in Fremont County, Colorado. Because of the smaller overall size and the fan shaped tail, I'm thinking it might be a Chihuahuan raven. Could someone please confirm? Thanks!
  3. Need help with this gull

    Thanks! Gulls are tough.
  4. Saw this gull today ~8:30am at Pueblo Reservoir. Could this be a 1st winter Herring Gull? Thanks