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  1. Gray Flycatcher Tail Wag?

    probably is. thanks!
  2. Any Lifers?

    CONGRATS!! So lovely! The moutainbluebird was my first bird. Got me started birding. I live in the foothills near the rocky mountains in Canada. Almost every bird is a "lifer" for me. Got a song sparrow today! Got a Pyrrhuloxia and Phainapepla this week too. wow!
  3. Gray Flycatcher Tail Wag?

    this flycatcher looking bird is overlooking a wet marsh in a wash, in Phoenix Az yesterday. Is this a gray flycatcher "tail wag" ... the wag looks distinctly down and back, rather than up and down. Sorry for the poor picture; shot directly into the sun.
  4. finally ... song sparrow?

    yahhoooo! never thought I'd be so excited to photo one of these: 21% bird in the neighborhood! ... I just NEVER see one.
  5. finally ... song sparrow?

    I've been trying to find a song sparrow since November ... I "think" this is one. Very elusive.
  6. yellow rumped warbler?

    this very little bird was in a secluded marsh area in Phoenix AZ, yesterday. Thought it might be a yellow rumped warbler, but is so small, and so thin.
  7. You might be a birder...

    I'm a mourning dove. Interesting. I am also an INTJ ... myers briggs. Wonder which MBTI type you all are? If you don't know already, you can take the quiz here. https://www.truity.com/test/type-finder-research-edition
  8. Cackling or Canada?

    I am watching for them too. The head and bill on these birds are wedge shaped, like Canada Geese ... I think. Cacklers have a blocky shaped head (forehead at a steeper slope than the bill angle).
  9. lark sparrow?

    It is a 2% bird in Maricopa, and an extremely rare sighting in the birding hot spot where I live in the winter. First one I've ever seen in my life.
  10. Hoping for a Bendire's Thrasher and a hawk ID

    I've been around the "bendires" a few times now; slow learning novice. bill: short, straight lower bill, some pale at base of bill - looks right for all 3. fine arrowheads on pale breast: only #2 looks right ... spots on bird 2 & 3 look more big & blotchy like other Curved Bills I've seen I'd guess #2 is a Bendires.
  11. black stripeless finch

  12. black stripeless finch

    I guess ... I could submit this one to them ... they might be interested to know it.
  13. black stripeless finch

    wow, that is interesting. not in my maricopa checklist either. Did a google ... AZ field ornithologists indicate Black Rosy, Gray-crowned and Hepburn " could be expected in winter" ... and give a full page of analysis of them. http://www.azfo.org/journal/RosyFinch.html Definitely OUT OF MY DEPTH here (as always). Greatly appreciate your help!
  14. black stripeless finch

    ... this odd looking finch(I think) was in a tree next to a house finch ... in Phoenix, Az this week. Is this a young finch, or molting, or ... or something else?
  15. gnatcatcher?