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  1. Eastern Kingbird perhaps

    OK, I think I may have posted the same bird twice. Thanks, I'll try to keep better track.
  2. I wish I could have got a better photo of this bird. Closest I can guess is an Eastern Kingbird. Estero Llano Grande State Park, Westlaco, TX. 1/8/18. Thanks for your help and sharing your expertise.
  3. Bronzed Cowbird

    Thanks, that was my first guess. In the book I have the beak of the E. starling is yellow, and that got me looking for another species. Thank you both.
  4. Bronzed Cowbird

    I am pretty sure this is a Bronzed Cowbird, but not certain. Request confirmation or correction. South Texas, scrub brush, a few days ago. Also, the red on its right leg--is that a tag of some sort? Thank you for sharing your expertise.
  5. Tri-colored Heron

  6. Tri-colored Heron

    I think this is a tri-colored heron, request confirmation. South Texas two days ago. Thank you.
  7. This photo was taken in a backyard in Houston, TX, not sure the time of year. It was a few years back. I hope enough of the bird shows to get an ID. Thank you all.
  8. Help on this bird please

    Thanks Bird Nuts!
  9. I took this photo a few years back on the Guadalupe river (south central Texas) near Seguin. I was using a waterproof camera with a 5x lense, so the best I could get was this fuzzy image. It was perched for some time a tree, and I tried to photograph it and it flew from the perch, I got this image. Any help on ID would be appreciated. Winter, 2016.