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  1. Woodpecker (Horrible Photo)

    Hello birdnoob, In reasearching your flying bird I had originally that a Pileated Woodpecker however, when I went through more flight pattern on a Red Headed one I found a picture of one with all white underneath his body and the wings were black on the outer fingers with it’s tail black and in flight the tail feathers are up like your picture. I definitely not the expert here but maybe it might help.
  2. Mystery Among Lesser Goldfinches?

    Hello Natalie B, agree! They are enyoing meal. If you listen closely you will hear their “thank you!”
  3. Cardinal?

    Hello btrysz. Welcome to Whatbird! Female Cardinal. The pinkish color of the bill with the thin dark line on the lore. Their crazy little feathers on their head that screams Cardinal with attitude. Awesome!
  4. coopers hawk - immature??

    Hello mountain bluebird, I agree with your picture so it’s a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk.
  5. cassins

    Hello dklucius. Running late.. Cassius Finch it is. Darker crown,dark stripes down light breast.
  6. house finch & American goldfinch?

    Hello TexasCobra, good on both. Cute picture.
  7. Owl identification

  8. Goldeneye?

    Hello gstakes, your post confirmed your answer as true (Golden Eye).
  9. Is it a Violet-green Swallow?

    Hello NobleBunny, my hat is in the ring on agreement. Swallows are pretty cool. Capistrano Monasery in California is famous for their swallows as they leave and come back.
  10. Double-breasted Cormorants? Possibly UnIDable

    Hello t_nwriter01, I looked at flight pattern with the wing and tail .
  11. Northern Shrike?

    Hello Mark5, yes to your Northern Shrike. I did some research on the Shrikes. I went to Audubon site. The difference in the Loggerhead is more streamlined and the mask is on a downward where as the N.Shrikes mask goes straight from the corner of the eye straight back.
  12. Confirm ID please.

    Hello johnd, #1-Canvas back , #2 ? couldn’t see it that well, #3 Song sparrow, #4 Brown thrasher. You did well. I don’t know if you are spot on on #2.
  13. Hutton's Vireo

    Hello zoutedrop, well sorry to say it’s a ruby throat kinglet. Your right about the bill but the kinglets bill is sharper where the bill in the vireo is slightly blunt end. The head on the kinglet is more to size where as the vireos head is a bit larger (almost disproportionately to it’s body. However they can still be mistaken for each other.
  14. Gilded?

    Hello zoutedrop, I think that it’s a Northern Flicker. The orange underside black bib and orange stripe down the lower bill down the neck. Will see.