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  1. South Carolina Birds #5

  2. Brown bird, large bill

    Looks more like a sparrow to me, maybe Golden-crowned?
  3. I never saw its tail

    Either a Sharpie or Coopers, wait for better opinions on wich of the two
  4. Female or juvenile White-crowned Sparrow?

    I agree with Golden-crowned on the left edit: right
  5. Mystery Among Lesser Goldfinches?

    I agree with Siskin
  6. You should move this to Help Me Identify a European Bird or other World Bird instead, they’ll be able to help you better there. Also I agree with @The Bird Nuts nice shot!
  7. Help Me Identify This Guy

    I agree with Mockingbird
  8. Two Hawks

    Red-shouldered is also my guest guess but photos not clear enough to be sure
  9. Six Birds from Houston

    Agreed, but I’m not sure about anything for #5
  10. Three word game

    to the audience
  11. Word Association Game!

  12. Between Junco and Mockingbird

    I agree with Phoebe
  13. Small duck?

    I agree with Ruddy
  14. Chickadee-ish

    I agree with chestnut backed as well