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  1. Which flycatcher??

    Thank you very much to everyone who responded. I appreciate it. I thought it was a Pacific-slope flycatcher but was told it couldn't be. Thank you for confirming my thoughts and for giving me other options to look at also. Thank you also for welcoming me to whatbird. I'm a fairly new birder and I hope to learn a lot from this group, and hopefully sometime I'll even be able to help others.
  2. Which flycatcher??

    sorry I forgot to say that I took these yesterday Feb 6th Thanks
  3. Which flycatcher??

    I took these photos of a flycatcher in Tubac, AZ on the De Anza trail near Santa Gerturdis lane https://www.nps.gov/tuma/planyourvisit/anza-trail-tumacacori-to-tubac.htm I have been told that it could not be the bird that I suspect it to be because it wouldn't be here at this time. Please can you help me with the identification of this one? Thank you. The photos are not great but they are definitely good for ID'ing