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  1. Birds of Prey

    Thanks both. Always nice to get to grips with new species.
  2. Birds of Prey

    Hi all, I've just come back from New York and Niagara Falls on holidays. It was my first time over in the states, so I got quite a few lifers and had a great time with both the holiday and the mostly incidental birding, but I have a few birds of prey here which I'm looking for second opinions on.. Unfortunately it wasn't a birding holiday, sot unfortunately didn't have the time or equipment with me for good images. Central Park - is this a Coopers? This next one was from Niagara Falls, and I'm thinking Sharp-shinned. My instant reaction was 'sparrowhawk' (being a UK birder), and from the field guides I think that gut reaction sits more so with sharp-shinned. The tail also seems to be quite angled, which would seem to line up? Finally, I snapped this one out over the falls. I'm thinking red-tailed?