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  1. AlabamaAndrea

    Alabama Bird

    Thanks for the info @bird rescue! They definitely have an all you can eat buffet here of five feeders being filled daily which they are taking advantage of! Hate to hear they are endangered. I will keep my eyes peeled to see if I have any Redpolls!
  2. AlabamaAndrea

    Alabama Bird

    They are fun to watch! I have a large number of them feeding at my five feeders. 30 or more at a time. They knock each other off the feeder when it gets full! I got them a thistle sock this morning that they all seem to like too. I will miss them next year if they aren’t back!
  3. AlabamaAndrea

    Alabama Bird

    Thank you everyone! I wanted to make sure of what it was and ensure I didn’t have a pest species. I have very large numbers at them at my house Emptying my feeders daily!
  4. AlabamaAndrea

    Alabama Bird

    Thank you for your response! I am new to birding. Have enjoyed feeding them but now am interested in learning what they are!
  5. AlabamaAndrea

    Alabama Bird

    Would appreciate help identifying these birds. I am located in Centreville, Al. These birds have been prevalent at my house this winter eating from my feeders. These photos were taken today, Feb 13.