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  1. Yellow bird in Charlotte nc

    Thank you - that wasn't even one that was coming up when I searched online. Looks just like it though.
  2. Yellow bird in Charlotte nc

    Hi there - first saw this little guy yesterday and saw him again today in my backyard garden. I initially thought it was a goldfinch but it doesn't have a finch type of beak. Editing to try to fix link
  3. White throated sparrow?

    Thank you all! Maybe it isn't a white throated sparrow I hear after all.
  4. White throated sparrow?

    Hi, I have another bird I was wondering if you could identify. I hear a white throated sparrow in the woods behind my house sometimes and I was wondering if this was him. When I look them up online though they all seem to have a small patch of yellow near their eyes and this one doesn't. Thanks for your help!
  5. Bird ID - some type of thrush?

    Thank you all! Was guessing either a hermit thrush or swainsoms thrush from internet searches.
  6. Bird ID - some type of thrush?

    Is anyone able to identify this bird?