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  1. Falcon/Hawk in northern Utah?

    My concern isn't that they aren't going into the box, but more could the box be causing the male to not come around anymore?
  2. Falcon/Hawk in northern Utah?

    Another follow up question: after discovering our two Kestrels were a male and a female, and doing a little bit of research, my husband and I built a nest box based on plans we found online for Kestrels. We mounted the box on one of the pillar of our porch (the one where the male sleeps), but now he doesn't come home anymore. The female still returns nightly, though. The first day the box was up, the male came home, hopped around on and near the box and pillar, but eventually left for the night. The next day, he did a flyby and didn't even land. We haven't seen him since. Tomorrow is 1 week since we hung the box. Any suggestions?
  3. Falcon/Hawk in northern Utah?

    Now that I'm more educated on these birds, I just went to check if the second one is here tonight. It's a male! So our original bird that has been here every night for three months is female and her friend who started showing up this month is a male. So exciting!
  4. Falcon/Hawk in northern Utah?

    Follow up question: does this appear to be a male or female? I'm thinking female based on a tiny amount of research I've done this afternoon.
  5. Falcon/Hawk in northern Utah?

    Thank you so much for your responses! We were also wondering if the two are going to pair up; I'll update if they do!
  6. This bird has been spending the night on the pillar on our front porch since late November/early December. It returns every night without fail and stays until morning. Recently we've noticed another has started coming every night and is staying on the second pillar on our porch. We know very little about birds but they seem to be the same species; possibly a male and a female? The attached photos are only of the first bird that has returned nightly for the last three months. This is located in Herriman, Utah. Can anyone tell what species this is?